Need help in what scale to purchase!

I need to buy a new scale. I've looked at reviews on Target and most of them arent very good. I thought I'd come here to get some input which is the best place to get good input IMO....if you own a scale and it seems consistent, please share what you have and why you like it....I hate buying things only to find out they dont do what they are supposed to do!

Thanks for all input!


  • v_addison
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    I just bought a Weight Watchers scale and it seems to be working great!
  • mrandolph69
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    Check out this link:

    I checked it out before buying the EatSmart Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale which I have been very pleased with. I bought it off of Amazon but can't remember exactly how much I paid. I think it was in the $30 range. The display is very easy to read. There is no memory but I don't need it so that was not any issue.

    When I posted the above response to another post on the same topic another user named StarGeezer added on the following:

    "This is the one I just bought as well. This particular scale has over 1,700 reviews, with 1,500+ being 5 stars, so I had a pretty high confidence factor going into the purchase that this was a good product. And it is currently under $40 as of this writing.

    Would probably be hard to go wrong with one of the EatSmart line, most of them score very high in customer reviews."
  • Kickinkim418
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    Thank you very much..I went back to look at amazon and noticed that the EatSmart brand seemed to be the best rated...