P90x newbie - needs advice.

Hi everyone,

I have finally bought the set and I know I have some shopping to do.

So recommendations on a pull up bar - do they have different weight limits? Hubby is just less than 300 lb so I'd rather get one that we can both use if he decides to join me.
It will need to be easy to put away/get out as there is only door it can be used on, its into kitchen so used all the time.

A tape measure and my scales do body fat %
I have a set of three size weights 1.5, 3 & 5kg will these be enough?

Lastly any other advice?

I am not expecting miracles, just hoping to work hard and improve my body shape and maybe loose some weight.
I can't follow all the diet exactly but I understand the ratios of the three main groups.
I do also have a hrm.



  • jbkiwi
    jbkiwi Posts: 2
    Try the resistance bands. Much easier to start pull ups with those. And you can do a ton of the other weight lifting exercises with them as well, so you don't need to keep buying heavier weights the stronger you get.
    This is a killer program. Writing everything down so I could see my progress every week helped motivate me the most.
  • Umpire57
    Umpire57 Posts: 389 Member
    Resistance bands - I concur

    Also - DO NOT skip the Yoga. You may hate it at first, heck you may hate it every time but it helps you overall! Personally I love it and have added it multiple times weekly (Not YogaX but just Yoga in general) to my normal routine.

    The only other thing I would suggest is DO NOT skip the Yoga...Oh yea, I already said that!