NSV - Clothing

Well, yesterday I went shopping. I needed some work pants and I saw two cute sweaters on the clearance rack and one skirt that was flauncey!

I was wearing a size 18 in pants. But the skirt and two pairs of work pants I got where 16! HUZZAH! Going down in scale makes me happy! They are a little snug, but they are not falling off of me! Then my two shirts, one was a XL and one was an L…The L was loser on me than the XL (exact same shirt different colors). So I snagged them both. I am so excited about them! Not to mention they make me feel cute and girly!

I also sent a few pictures to a friend of mine and he said he can tell I lost weight and inches and is proud of me. So I am so excited my mom treated me to a pedicure for my weight change and my NSV!


  • Jen2Bfit
    Jen2Bfit Posts: 125 Member
    Congratulations!!!! It is such a good feeling to outgrow clothes and buy more in smaller sizes. So very fun!
  • sarglava
    sarglava Posts: 206 Member
    Best. Feeling. Ever.
  • court182
    court182 Posts: 307
    Oh heck yeah!!! What a great feeling! Keep it up, hun, you're a rockstar!! :)
  • em9371
    em9371 Posts: 1,047 Member
    great NSV! good excuse to go shopping for more new clothes if you have gone down a size :wink:
  • toniRAD
    toniRAD Posts: 196 Member
    Great job, you're doing great! :)
  • SFalconStorm
    SFalconStorm Posts: 77 Member
    I totally know the feeling! I'm 2 months in and I've lost 30 pounds. The jeans that I was having trouble squeezing into before I started this can now slip over my hips without being unbuttoned. Needless to say, I just had to buy new pants...stretchy ones because I have a lot farther to go.

    Congrats on your victory!
  • pangela13
    pangela13 Posts: 173 Member
    Great Job keep up the good work I does pay off in the end.
  • Congrats! Watching the clothes fall off is one of the best feelings in the world.
  • emmyvera
    emmyvera Posts: 599 Member
    Yah!!!! :happy: Shopping and seeing results. Can't get better than that! Keep up the awesome work.
  • LadyGhostDuchess
    LadyGhostDuchess Posts: 894 Member
    My mom thought I was wearing my size 18s yesterday after work. I was wearing my size 16s.
    I think this is a good update! I cannot wait to get into some of my clothing I have not been able to wear in years!
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