A year down the line...

Today is the anviersary of when I started changing my life. I started MFP a bit later but as I re-plan and arrange to kick start my progress for the coming year I need to look back at how far I have come.

so I started at 232lb - I am sitting now at around 190lb - down 42lb

waist -8 inches
overhang -9
hips -8.5
thigh -2.5
calf -2.5
arm -4
chest -5
under chest -4
body fat% -5 loss
Muscle % 2.5 gain

this is me just before christmas last year.


this is me wearing the same size trousers with the addition of my daughter!


Looking forward to what I can achieve this year - I have a copy of P90x sitting on the side and a fitbit and the chin up bar
on order from amazon.....


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