how do you keep rashers(bacon) from drying up?

_itsB_ Posts: 44 Member
I hate how rashers taste if you leave them sit for a few hours, they're nice and juicy just when they come out from under the grill but if I make them the night before for a salad the following day ( I'm sick to death of chicken!) they go all hard and disgusting, any tips? Don't keep them in the fridge? Store in a lunch box?


  • japruzze
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    I cook them on Sunday for the week. I do store them in the fringe. I package them in a small ziplock bag not in my salad until its time to eat. Then I microwave them for a few seconds before I toss them in the salad and eat. Yum!
  • _itsB_
    _itsB_ Posts: 44 Member
    perfect thanks :)