Too much fibre

I recently added a fibre check to my account and seem most days to go over the amount recommended. Anyone out there know what effect this will have on my weight?


  • janet0513
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    Too much fiber can cause intestinal probs - gas/diarrhea/cramping. You need to drink plenty of water because it can cause malabsorption or constipation. If it isn't bothering you and you drink plenty of water, it should be just fine. Fiber has a lot of good benefits.
  • jbootman
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    no idea by what you mean by too much, my setting is at 70 and I hit it without problems, I am sure there is such a thing as too much but have no idea as to what number
  • it_be_asin
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    If you are gassy or bloated, then you are eating too much fibre.

    If not, just sit back smugly in the knowledge that constipation and bowel cancer are less likely to be in your future.
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    Too much fiber can cause problems, but I don't believe the going over the goal mfp chooses is not necessarily too much. The tracker I used before suggested a range of 25-35 grams per day and I felt great and had good success in that range. (It is also in line with other guidelines I've seen). Though i should say, I've heard, increasing fiber intake too fast can sometimes cause gas and bloating. But when I meet my 5 a day veg & fruit, I tend to be over my mfp fiber goal.
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    MFP has set me a goal of 15 for fibre. Today I was 10 above that. I'm pretty much vegetarian, although I had some tuna today as I thought I ought to get a protein boost. I don't know if I get too much fibre, but I can't imagine cutting it down would help. I don't actually have a wind problem, although I may be bloating. I have had weight problems this week as I have put back some of the weight I lost after the Christmas binge. I only just started recording fibre, and wonder if knowing about it is actually any help.
  • Recording how much fiber you are getting can be a great way to make sure you're getting enough, but everyone is different when it comes to getting too much. Some people can eat tons of fiber and not notice it while others can't eat a whole bowl of fruit salad without needing to rush to the wash room when it has made it's way through. If you're a vegetarian you shouldn't have to worry about getting too little fiber because pretty much all plant foods are great sources of fiber. I wouldn't worry so much about going over the goal that MFP has set for you unless you start to notice adverse effects from the amount of fiber you're eating. Remember, MFP has that set as your goal, not your limit. :) I hope that helps.
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    Thanks guys, other people's opinions help me think. Appreciate the input.