My Plateau Nutrition Story, Learn from my mistakes.



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    bump to read later, sounds very sound and great of you to take the time to share.
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    Thanks for sharing this!! :smile:
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    Just checing in with an update. I switched up my calories after calculating my BMR and have followed the Katch McCarde calorie amounts for the week, not to a T, but close enough and I have finally seen some results! I lost 1.5lbs this week after not losing anything for the 4 weeks I was on 1200 calorie diet. My exercise routine is currently the 30DS. I just couldn't understand how I could push my body so hard and not lose a thing!! I guess it was b/c I wasn't giving my body enough fuel.
    I hope this keeps up, it seems to be working!

    This sounds exactly like me: 30 Day Shred, 1200 cals and nothing happened! Will be trying this for sure...

    Just to clarify, I DO eat cals back?
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    Great advice!! I think this is what I am going through right now. I was plateauing but now I am actually losing and enjoying it because I am eating more! I will forward this to my sisters who also have plateaued!! Thanx!
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    Bump I gotta check this out!
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    Nice post.

    If anyone wants an easier method of calculating their calories using Katch McArdle rather than doing it manually then use this link:

    Select "Advanced Options" and check the Katch McCardle box.

    Fantastic link!! Thanks!
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    Awesome post! But one question - how do you determine your body fat percentage without any special measuring tool? I googled a BF% calculator and put my measurements in on 4 different sites, but there's a WIDE variance (27.38% - 41.5%) in the web sites...

    Got any ideas on this??

    Thanks so much for posting on this topic!!! :)
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    Have done my calculations based on the OP's method, I'm in the begging of my weight loss so this is nice to have in advance. I'm currently estimated at 1200 a day and with the calculations I should be at 1314 per day, so I will up it.

    I find that I eat much less and always have, I just dont eat big or much. I will be changing and uping my calories by "healthy foods" This is all new to me as I've never had a weigh issue up until a year ago and have never dieted or watched a single calorie. I'm down 6lbs in 20 days with excersice and eating. Oh and if you look at my diary you'll have to go a few back in days since the last few I haven't eaten well or much, been so busy running children around. I'm trying to learn to eat better quality calorie rich foods to get up to my 1314. Hey it's never bad when you can eat more, I will not be eating back my Work out calories though, I'd be eating all damn day if I did that and have a hard enough time as it is LOL

    With the way I eat, I'm thinking a ZigZag method may serve me well, since I have troubles eating my calories on most days I will go high on some days and low on others but at the end of the week I will have eating the same calories. Any one have any idea if the Zig Zag method works??

    Thank you for the formula, I have saved it on my computer and will reference it with each subsantial weight loss and re-evaluate!

    Much appreciated =)

    Thanks for sharing!!
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    Amazing story and so glad you shared it as many think the less the eat the more they lose. But like you said you only become a skinny fat person. Thanks for posting.
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    I love your story!! That's a really great read for every person. Great advice!!!! So great to see someone on this site that has GREAT knowledge of fitness and nutrition!!
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    Can I quote this story on my blog???
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    Thanks for your post. I need to try upping my cals. I'm struggling from a several month plateau. I'm going to try upping my calories and see what happens. I'm blaming you if I gain, though. :wink:
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    Thats so true thanks for your post I have stayed the same for about 10 weeks and its driving me crazy.