Question about food tracker

I have my goal weight set for 130. I fill out my food tracker daily and am usually under my calorie goal....I click "complete entry" and it always says that if I keep it up, in 5 weeks I'll be 137 lbs or something along that lines. If my goal weight is set at 130 and I'm under or right at my calorie goal - why is it saying I'll be almost 140 if I keep it up?


  • rockerbabyy
    rockerbabyy Posts: 2,258 Member
    its not very accurate for one. and two, its saying itll probably take longer than 5 weeks for you to get to your goal weight. how much do you have to lose?
  • goddesshanna
    goddesshanna Posts: 69 Member
    Basically it takes your daily calorie deficit or overage and then uses your *current* weight to show you what you might weigh if you ate exactly that many calories under or over for 5 weeks. And yeah, it can be totally off sometimes.
  • cnotefwb
    cnotefwb Posts: 43 Member
    I want to lose about 15 lbs. I didn't think about the fact that its say "in 5 weeks".... That would be 7 lbs in 5 weeks. I guess thats a normal rate to lose weight.