Looking for Android app recommendations!

pinkita Posts: 779 Member
I finally got a smartphone a few weeks ago, and I'm wondering what apps other Android users use. So far the apps I use the most are MFP (of course), Astrid Tasks, and Out of Milk. I also use Pandora a lot when I'm exercising, and I found a free "daily arm workout" app I use on weight training day. My most recent find is Shopkick, which seems fun.

Any other cool and/or useful apps people like/recommend? Any specific recommendations for security apps? (i.e., for storing passwords, for finding your phone if you lose it or it's stolen, etc)



  • SueInAz
    SueInAz Posts: 6,592 Member
    I also use Astrid Tasks. I'll have to look for Out of Milk.

    Buzz Off is a great app for turning your ringer on and off so you don't forget. I like CardioTrainer for tracking my runs/walks/hikes. I have the Groupon and Living Social apps, as well as one for my bank. I have Netflix so I can stream movies on it. Shazam is great for those songs on the radio when you don't know the artist.