Searching for Continued Motivation

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I am ready and motivated to reach my healthy weight. I need to lose 41lbs to reach that goal ! It's really been a challenge since I quit smoking a couple years ago. I made one healthy choice an substituted it for a new addiction. I'm young and should have more energy! In the pass 3years I've always failed my weight loss journey by losing motivation , momentum! My husband is joining me on this journey (he too packed on the pounds when we quit smoking) but I'm reaching out for an even bigger support group! I not only want to lose the weight but I want to gain a new lifestyle! I live in the suburbs of new Orleans.. I no longer want fried shrimp po boys and rich king cake to be a part of my diet !


  • ChubbyRunner
    Hi! I'm jumping back on the wagon too! I need to lose 42 lbs to be where I should be so you're NOT alone!
    Think of this as healthy eating instead of a diet! I don't cut ANY food out of my diet and think I can't have it anymore. That just makes me focus on it all the more. If I crave something I find a way to work it in. I just cut the portion size back. There's no way I can say I'm never going to eat a certain food again. Not happening.
    I bought a Jillian Michaels DVD. "The 30 Minute Workout". It's a butt kicker but makes you feel good when you're finished! It has 3 levels of workouts and you can begin wherever! LOVE this thing. Give it a whirl!
    Hang in there! We can do this!
  • PMPB7
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    Hi there! I am just like the both of you! I have failed in the past and TRULY want to make it this time. I would love to have the extra motivation and buddies to help along the way as well. I was just checking here for more support too.

    I am originally from Biloxi, MS. I completely understand the po boys and shrimp and fatty foods! YUM!!!!! I want to be fit by 40, or at least close to my goal. I would like to loose 55 pounds by July 7. MY Bday.

    Good luck today to you both here. :smile:

    Have a wonderful day.