55lbs GONE!!!!

June 2010
SW: 174
CW: 119


  • pratod
    pratod Posts: 68 Member
    wow!! awesome!
  • LoveActually
    LoveActually Posts: 177 Member
    Good job girl! You look gorgeous! Love the tat too.
  • hwjssc
    hwjssc Posts: 194 Member
    Great Job:)
  • What was it that helped you the most?
  • LovingCruz
    LovingCruz Posts: 640 Member
    great job
  • estepteau
    estepteau Posts: 146
    Thanks everyone! What helped me most was MFP!!! All the support and also logging my foods. I have always been pretty active but my eating was HORRIBLE! When I learned what I was eating it made want to make it better :) I joined MFP in March 2011 and since then and I have lost 33lbs!!!
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