My training partner

Ok, here's the thing. I am a lazy cow. Always have been
Well, back in the summer I got a dog, and since then I have discovered that he is the best exercise motivation I could have had.
Every day, 2 or 3 times, regardless of the weather, I have to go out for a walk. We may not go fast, but we go. I chase after balls and sticks, and march across fields. I cannot sit on my backside in the staff room and eat at lunchtime, as I have to come home to sort the dog. Evenings require walks instead of lazing in front of the tv.
Now, I'm not saying I've lost loads since we aquired him, nor am I the queen of work outs. But, I am a changed person!
Let me know if anyone out there has had any revelations, or am I just pitiful?
Oh, and he is always keen, happy to be with me and spend time; he loves me regardless of my mood, weight or appearance.:smile: