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Moisturizers and TIps to Prevent Loose Skin from Weight Loss

skydiamonds67skydiamonds67 Member Posts: 49 Member Member Posts: 49 Member
I am just starting out my diet/weight loss journey and looking through the posts here have made me worry about the possibility of having lots of loose skin after my weight loss. I plan on losing 100+ pounds and I carry most of my weight in my mid-section. It already hangs low from fat, so I'm fearful its going to be down to my knees if and when I reach my goal weight, lol!

I have read about dry brushing, exfoliating, moisturizing, drinking lots of water, weight lifting and strength training, and gradual weight-loss to prevent the loose skin phenomenon. Do any of these things actually work. I don't want to spend tons of $$$ on creams and lotions only to have them not work. And the dry brushing thing sounds like its a great way to exfoliate, but does it really help the problem? What has worked best for people?

I would love to lose the weight quickly, but I know that it's not healthy long-term and I probably just won't get that lucky, lol! It certainly wasn't put on overnight - I have been overweight/obese my whole life (24 years). I just have to have patience and dedication. However, I really don't want to get to the end of this long road and look just as bad naked as I did before...

So what has worked for you guys? Any specific moisturizers or creams that you would recommend? Or should I get out the weights? Any help would be appreciated! :)


  • Dexy_Dexy_ Member Posts: 595 Member Member Posts: 595 Member
  • Erica002Erica002 Member Posts: 293 Member Member Posts: 293 Member
    Do as much strength training as you can and yes lose the weight gradually. I'm mainly bumping this cause I'm interested to see the replies.
  • laddyboyladdyboy Member, Premium Posts: 1,565 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,565 Member
    Go slow and you'll be better off. I lost 60 lbs in 6 month and 2 1/2 yrs later still have a little loose skin. I havn't bought any of those they were bogus. I'm drinking lots of water and may try exfoliating. I do lift weights too. Gradual is your best best.
    Good can do it.
  • LMHinson15LMHinson15 Member Posts: 224 Member Member Posts: 224 Member
    I want to hear responses to this too!!
  • applebobbrushapplebobbrush Member Posts: 241 Member Member Posts: 241 Member
    I have a ton of stretch marks on my belly, upper thighs and sides. I'm sure there are some on my back side too, but I don't see them, so I really don't care :D. I just started (within the past two weeks) using bio oil daily and I love it. No it hasn't magically made them all disappear! It has however lessened their appearance, the redness and severity of them. I plan to keep using it even when I reach my goal weight. It's feels as though it's going to be greasy when you use it the first time, but it's not. It soaks right in and doesn't stain your clothing.

    I know there is no magic cure for stretch marks and I'm getting to be okay with that. It will help remind me what I let happen to myself and how hard it is to get back and not let it happen again.
  • Debbe2Debbe2 Member Posts: 2,081 Member Member Posts: 2,081 Member
    That's a great question and a real concern. I've heard to stay hydrated, moisturized (Baby Oil, Bio Oil), do strength training all along while losing weight . You can look at it this way; wouldn't you rather be healthy than not? Loose skin may or may not become an issue for you depending on genetics, the condition of your skin and other factors most out of our hands. So relax and work on the things that you can control and enjoy your progress. You found your way to MFP and that's a great start! Good luck!!
  • chanson104chanson104 Member Posts: 859 Member Posts: 859
    I am 3 pounds shy of having lost 100 lbs, and I have about 50 more to go. I haven't had a problem with loose skin yet, but it does concern me. I have always been one to exfoliate and moisturize any way -- I am doing it more heavily now. I buy the thick lotions and slather them on morning and night. I don't necessarily buy excessively expensive ones; I like Gold Bond or Eucerin or the Walmart equivalents. I also take fish oil and try to drink plenty of water. I don't know if it has helped, but I do know that it certainly hasn't hurt any!! It only makes since to me that moist skin would be more elastic, and, therefore, wouldn't become as loose. I have also upped my strength training for a lot of reasons -- this being one of them. Good luck to you!
  • BeezilBeezil Member Posts: 1,677 Member Member Posts: 1,677 Member
    It's mostly genetics, honestly. But, even for people with naturally elastic skin (bounces back from stretch easily) there is a limit to how much their skin can stretch before it loses its elasticity completely. If you (general you, not specific to anyone in particular) become extremely overweight or obese, chances are that when you lose all the extra weight you will have excess skin that sags. Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done about it after the fact, aside from surgery. Doing strength training to tighten/tone the muscles under the skin can help with the appearance of loose skin. You shouldn't let the fear of having loose skin from losing weight deter you from doing it though. There are far more benefits to losing that amount of extra weight than just looking better. And if you've been blessed with good genetics, you might not even have to worry about loose skin so much. But I can tell you from experience, it is better to lose weight with diet changes AND exercise to prevent as much of that loose skin as possible. Do it slowly, so your skin has time to adjust and bounce back. Good luck!
  • Dsanborn33Dsanborn33 Member Posts: 3 Member Posts: 3
    I used to work for a skin care company and the one thing I've always heard that if you are in your twenties, your skin should bounce back pretty easy. If you're between 30-35 you should still bounce back pretty good, but your skin starts to loose elasticity at 30 and decreases slowly after that. It's good to keep all of your skin moisturized. But you can use a basic moisturizer. Don't fall for "collagen" products because collagen is actually too big of a molecule to absorb into the skin. They normally have a big price tag.

    I'm 30 and losing lots of weight and worry about the same thing. I bought vitamin E skin oil in the pharmacy and mix it with whatever lotion I have. At the moment I am using Nivea something or other. Coco Butter and Shea Butter are also super moisturizing.

    Lastly, I've been reading tons of weight loss forums and I've been reading that if your skin is not bouncing back you have to tone your muscles so the skin doesn't look as saggy.

    I guess if you combine everything you'll get the best possible result!
  • skydiamonds67skydiamonds67 Member Posts: 49 Member Member Posts: 49 Member
    Thanks so much for the responses everyone! I appreciate the info and the encouragement so much! :) I am curious if anyone has had success with the dry brushing?
  • brit49brit49 Member Posts: 466 Member Posts: 466
  • skydiamonds67skydiamonds67 Member Posts: 49 Member Member Posts: 49 Member
  • shawnclark02shawnclark02 Member Posts: 1 Member Posts: 1
    A standout amongst the most hazardous impacts of getting more fit is having detached skin on specific ranges of your body. In a few cases wherein a considerable measure of weight is lost, it is unrealistic for the skin to come back to its unique structure without experiencing surgery. Be that as it may, much of the time wherein the weight reduction is not excessively noteworthy, there are basic approaches to restore the flexibility of the skin and diminish drooping or detached skin.

    The primary step is to hydrate from within. This implies you need to drink a lot of water and keep your body hydrated. This is key for your imperative organs as well as for your skin. Parchedness is one of the essential drivers of dry skin which rushes skin maturing. You ought to additionally consume an eating methodology high in products of the soil to help with hydration while furnishing the body with supplements.

    The second step is to saturate the skin. Take after the aide in the past area to discover the best skin lotion for you. Utilize the item two to three times day by day relying upon your needs. Most topical fat smoldering items are mixed with lotions to tighten the skin while diminishing fat in specific zones of the body. Obviously, this would be better when contrasted with acting just in the wake of getting thinner since you will be keeping the issue in any case.
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