want to take diet further (eat repetitive balanced meals?)

I know they say to eat the same things over and over and I think I want to try that, but I want it to be a very balanced meal for the calories. I've been varying between vitatops, cereal, and greek yogurt for breakfast. I'll have a frozen meal or random stuff for lunch and dinner. What do you think of this diet plan?

breakfast: whole grain oatmeal with some kind of fruit (maybe that can be my switch up every once in a while)
lunch: half turkey sandwich with the normal sandwich fixin's (and a healthy side if the calories allow)
Dinner: grilled chicken breast with steamed broccoli (vary the veggie to mix it up every now and then)

I could throw some hard boiled egg whites in somewhere for a snack or whatever... Does this seem like a balanced diet? I don't want to be unhealthy but I want to see results again (its been a long time since I've lost any significant weight). It also seems like it might be cheaper at the grocery store since I'll always be eating the same thing.

Has anyone here tried eating repetitively so you don't go outside your calorie goal? I think I would still include 1 free day a week.


  • Angellore
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    I've never heard it said that you should eat the same thing, if anything I've always believed it's best to mix things up to stop yourself getting bored. I know if I ate those things everyday I would be bored after about 3 days and also STARVING! Personally, I don't see the need to eat the same thing, your body just uses the macros it's getting, be them from a chicken breast, a steak or an elephant chop! Mix it up. Sure, only eat 'clean' if that's what you want to be healthier, but eat your calories and mix it up :)
  • Rayman79
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    I know some people have extremely repetitive food diaries to make it easier to stick to a plan... personally I'd rather eat rocks and glass than eat the exact same thing every day.

    It's personal choice, but I imagine you'd have to have the perfect daily diet to keep it the same every day and still be getting all the different nutrients your body needs.

    mmmmm, elephant chop.... ;)
  • ctalimenti
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    I really don't know but I recently heard that this is the hallmark of consistently thin people. They tend to eat the same things over and over and always count the calories. Let me know how it goes. I tend to eat Cheerios every day for breakfast but I'm almost 48 and probably getting set in my ways. :)
  • jenna715
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    I don't eat any red meat anyway and if I got too bored I would "allow" a change up in the plan, but I am in school right now and I think it would actually be beneficial for me to simplify things by eating the same things (and also cheaper at the grocery store - less waste). I just want to make sure I am getting a balanced diet. I guess I should play around with MFP and put in my ideas and see how it is reflected in the "nutrition" section of the app.