So, basically I have tried the low carb thing and that is hard to do on a budget. last night I over ate pizza and a few wings, I felt like I havent had it in forever so I overate!!!

I dont want to deprive myself of things and go over board on food like last night.

What are people eating to lose weight now a days anyway especially on a budget?


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    I'm really petite so I think I do things a lot differently than most everyone else on MFP..I burn a lot less calories and eat a lot less calories. But I eat honey bunches of oats a lot because first of all it's yummy and second it fills me up! I like to stick to chicken a lot I keep bags of salad around and bags of tyson grilled chicken and make a good chicken salad. I also live off lean pockets because they have some good flavors of those too! Nature valley honey n oats bars are delish too. Best of all all of those things are pretty cheap! My grocery store almost always has lean pockets on sale
  • maybe have small homemade stuff. Like salad or a sandwich. Don't deprive yourself of food even if it is bad. Just have everything in moderation and try staying within your calorie goals on MFP.

    I have not deprived my self and am on a low calorie goal on MFP as long as you stay under you will be fine and can eat what you want.

    Hope this helps :)
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    You can read some peoples diaries... I just ate mixed baby greens $3 lasts a week or more with peas, salmon $8 at winco for half a salmon, avocado, olive oil and red wine vinegar Yummy, easy, and so good for you. The closer to the earth the better I say. Happy trails =)
  • I definitely get the budgeting thing. There's a lot out there, and it's frustrating when money is tight. Buying vegetables that are in season is a great way to save on cost, and they are usually more flavourful anway. Fish is pretty affordable and super healthy... and just making meals at home using smart ingredients and (mostly) whole foods saves quite a bit of money and gives you full control over your calories :)
  • Not sure if this will help, but I have cut my grocery bills in over half since I started eating really healthy. I live on mostly fruits and salads as does my family...we go to the flea markets for all of our produce. IF it is a discounted bag freeze it...you could save so much money...

    I am literally feeding a family of 5 on 600 a month. and I eat 5 oranges in one sitting as an example so it is not feeding everyone next to nothing...this price includes all my juicing too.
  • Has anyone here tried Ezequiel bread?