Strength training question

I have had a Total Gym sitting in my basement collecting dust for 2 years. Someone gave it to my teenage sons but they never use it. I figured it was time to dust it of and put it to use myself.
Now my problem is how often should I use it and how many sets and reps should I be doing at once. I went to the total gym web page and chose 2 different exercises for each muscle group, looked over the stretches to see if there was anything there that I didn't already know. Now I need to decide how many reps and sets to do.
I am not looking to gain muscle or really gain strength, I am more looking to tone and have more use of my upper body muscles. I also have some bad pain issues with using my wrist. I figure I can push through a bit but I don't want to be crying in pain by the time I go to bed.

Anyone have any suggestions? Right now it is set and 4 Sets of 8 Reps and I am thinking that is a little much for a flabby, arthritic beginner.


  • Rollie277
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    look at ... at least i think that is the website... i can't check because is down today to protest SOPA.

    I just finished read "the new rules of weight lifting for women" and they seem to like more along the lines of 5 reps for 5 sets at max weight.

    I used to have a total gym, and I liked it, but I'll admit it was more of a coat rack. Unless you don't mind changing the height of it all the time it seems easier to do more endurance type stuff on it.

    Can you find some videos online for you to follow?
  • Delicate
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    try body building dot com

    they have alot of exercises and routines you can follow

    New rules for lifting for women is a good read
  • Drlnmc
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    I also use In addition to giving you multiple excersices for each muscle group, they also have demonstration videos to help you use the correct form. Incorrect form, poor posture, and the misuse of equipment can lead to injuries.
  • rdzilla
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    Resistance training has also show to help with arthritis. Do some more research online and see what works for you. You'll end up surprising yourself!