10K – what to eat?

I’ll be participating 10K race next weekend; the start will be at 7am.

What I should eat the night before and then in the morning before the race? I’d love to have my oatmeal porridge in the morning but that would mean that I should wake up super early to cook it…

TIA :smile:


  • Rompa_87
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    Don't try anything new on race morning that you haven't practiced in training. If you have usually done your runs after eating oatmeal for breakfast then eat oatmeal for breakfast on race morning. Just make sure you eat is 90-120min before the race starts. For something as short (no offense intended but endurance usually means longer than 90min) you won't really have to eat anything too different the night before. Maybe a regular serve of pasta or meat with sweet potatoes etc.

    You should have plenty of energy onboard for a 10km run!

    Goodluck and let us know how you go!
  • CallmeSbo
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    Dont eat too much bran(speaking from experience) day before or milk or any dairy products on the morning. I didnt knw I was lactose intolerance until I started running.lol..Oatmeal should be fine, personally I prefer a banana. Then I can eat what ever after the race. A 10k isnt too long, so I manage. Goodluck!
  • joehempel
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    It's a 10k, so it really won't matter that much in my opinion.
  • fteale
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    I would just have the porridge as normal. I always have it before a run. As long as you have 20 or 30 mins to let it settle you'll be fine.
  • rowyourboat
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    Congrats on running a 10K. That's AWESOME! I'd have some pasta the night before and either half a bagel or banana when I woke up at 5:30. Make sure you drink your 8+ glasses of water starting a few days before the race if you don't already do that. Good luck!
  • sjtreely
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    My advice is to eat what you've been eating during your training. Nothing new.
  • RAFValentina
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    It's a 10k, so it really won't matter that much in my opinion.

    Agree... it is only 10km, and less than the equivalent of an hours workout so I'd just stick to what you know, get up early if so...can't you just microwave it? besides, it takes minutes in the pan. Not exactly a "must get up 1/2 hour early jobby".

    maybe have a banana on toast. Its more than enough. Drink water. but to be honest, I never do anything special for a 10km as its not an endurance event really and I run way farther for training.
  • traceybett
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    Way to go on the 10K... I have done a 5K twice and felt it really challenged me... haven't tried a 10k yet, I have no advice on the food as I am a brand new runner/walker....

    Just wanted to say WTG!
  • sammys1girly
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    I'd eat a banana and peanut butter about an hour before the race. And carry a small gatorade incase I run out of steam part-way through.
  • paulwgun
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    Way to go on the 10K... I have done a 5K twice and felt it really challenged me... haven't tried a 10k yet, I have no advice on the food as I am a brand new runner/walker....

    Just wanted to say WTG!

    Im new to running too, well jogging have done 5k three times on a treadmill at the gym and just committed myself to do a 10k in June so have plenty of time to practice LOL
    i like the way some posters write "its only a 10k" :bigsmile: until last Monday 5k was running to the end of the world and back for me maybe next year ill be able to post "its only a 10k" LOL

    good luck with your run :drinker:
  • traceybett
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    I KNOW! I was SO proud of my 5K and a 10K is a big wow in my world too! THANKS girl! and good luck with your new journey too!

  • BobbyDaniel
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    On race days I'll usually get up early enough to have a protein bar and some coffee and hopefully have enough time to "take care of business"; I'll also bring a banana with me and try to eat that 15-30 minutes before the run for a little extra fuel. And then I celebrate my run with breakfast at Cracker Barrel!
  • pucenavel
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    I eat lots of brown rice and sushi the day before a race.

    Protein bar and instant oatmeal for breakfast.

    But like someone else said, this should be something you've tested - don't do anything new on race day.
  • sakamanojr
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    It's important to stick to a ROUTINE. I want to practise everything during my training runs including what I eat so on the days leading up to the race I know how to fuel my body with food. You should even practise your morning race day food to be the amount of hours before your actual race so you can see how you react to certain foods.

    I would also recommend going to Runners World webiste and typing in Carbo loading as they have many good articles.

    Good luck and I hoep you have an enjoyable race.
  • MissFit0101
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    If that's what you normally eat before running then get up early and eat the same thing. Don't stray from your routine.
  • Kilter
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    I'll repeat what most others have said. Eat what you normally eat before your training runs.

    There is an axiom that needs to be explicitly said though "do nothing new on race day".

    Someone also mentioned to start your water consumption early though and that is key. Don't wait until the night before to get your water on board, make sure you are drinking your full daily amount in the 3 or 4 days before the race as well.

    Try and get lots of sleep the night before.

    Leave time to get a good morning trip to the loo and time to have a nervous pee just before the start :)

    Have a blast!

    And hey, right up a race report after to let us know how it went eh?

  • LadyPersia
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    Great info above. This is very exciting. Have fun and let us know how you do!
  • gp79
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    It's probably best if you stick to whatever it is you're used to doing. Trying something new on a race day is not the best idea. If you usually drink water during your runs, don't go swapping to gatorade etc just because it's at one of the aid stations. That being said, if you're not going for a record time and this is just more of a recreational / fun run for you, experiment as you will. Loading up on carbs the night before, or using intra-race fuel gels etc. are not going to do alot for you unless you're running longer distances, say...above an hour, where your glycogen is likely to dip to lower levels than that during a 10k.
  • Thanks to ALL for the great comments; just picked my race package and getting very excited... Will report later how that went!
  • thepetiterunner
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    A couple of days before you should load up on carbs. The idea that you should only "carb load" the night before is sort of a myth. Your body stores it over a couple of days (from articles I've read). Also, don't try anything new on race morning. What have you eaten prior to runs before this? This is something you should test out before hand. It's not a hugely long race, so I wouldn't be too worried about it, but don't go and throw a spicy, Mexican breakfast burrito down the gullet! :) **

    Edit: ** Unless this is of course, what you've done before and it works for you!