Not very heavy ladies on the 30 day shred

Hi all,

I was wondering what results people have seen from the 30DS if you start off fairly small. I'm currently 132lbs 5'4" and on day 3 of the shred.

I'm mainly aiming to tone up but I suspect my weight loss will stop if I build muscle - which would be a real bummer considering how hard it 's been to shift ANYweight so far!

Thoughts anyone?
Also, does anyone of my kind of build have before / after photos? It would be great to have some motivating feedback :smile:
Thanks !


  • LaurenAOK
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    Hey! I'm 5'4" but about 10 pounds heavier than you are. I'm on day 15 of the shred and I must say I am seeing great results. I've already lost a few inches and can definitely see a difference in photos.

    You are right though, the scale probably will not move. I've done MFP once before and lost at a faster rate then than I am now, even though I had the same starting weight.... and I think the reason is because this time I'm doing the 30DS. You just have to take pictures and measurements to see your progress, and remind yourself that even though the weight is still there, it's GOOD weight this time!
  • Charlottejogs
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    I was so excited to do 30DS as others had such amazing results...but I think since I was fairly small the results were less extraordinary. I certainly toned up some- I did become more strong and better with cardio which I think is entirely worth it. I loved starting on one level and seeing the improvement in my health and strength! I have continued with Ripped in 30 and No More Trouble Zones to continue working on the toning. Good luck!
  • beccah88
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    I'm in a similar position. I'm 5'3" and I'm on day 8 of she shred. I have to be honest and say the changes I've seen on the scale so far, I have actually gained weight! But I've read a lot of reviews and this seems to be a common experience with people at first, and even though I think I'll lose it all again, most people seem to lose a lot more inches than they do lb's so I'm not expecting to lose much weight.

    However, if you're just wanting to tone up like me I'd definitely recommend it, I'm only 8 days in and I am seeing a real difference in my stomach and thighs.
  • kammy92
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    When I did it the scale didn't budge but I did notice clothes were fitting better so I know inches were lost. Might be different for you though
  • cask16
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    Thanks all - I'm not too bothered about the scale shifting - I'm just glad I remebered to take "before" measurements so I can track if there is a change.
    Certainly feeling like I've had a good workout though!
  • I'm about halfway through and I've lost 4 inches and feel great! I've only lost 2 lbs when (as you say) had I not been doing the shred I probably would've lost more.

    However, I have to say I've lost more inches in 2 weeks than I would have in 2 months of just dieting! It's absolutely worth it, stick with it!
  • taxidermist15
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    im 5'3 117pounds

    im doing 30ds and am currently at day 8/9 i cant remember (no rest days), on my days off i do only 30ds and a small ab workouts.
    on my normal workout days I do 30ds, abs workouts, strength training and about 30 minutes of cardio.
    check out my pic for results.

    If your looking at JUST doing 30ds and no more exercise apart from that, welll i dunno about results
  • I'm 5'3" and 145lbs and I can see results. I'm only on the second week. I gained 3lbs then lost 3lbs, so I am right back where I started at 145lbs. But my stomach is def tighter. I do the 30 day shred 4 days and the other 3 days I go to an hour of zumba. I'm also on a 1300 calorie diet which after working out I am typically under 1300 calories. I only eat whole foods, nothing processed, frozen or in a can and I don't drink any soda. Hopefully if I keep this up I will loose another 6-10lbs in the next 2 months. Going to Miami the end of March!
  • BeautyAndStrength50
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    I recommend starting out with the 30 day Shred. But if you are in good shape then you could move to Ripped N 30. That DVD is AMAZING. I got 80% of my results from this one. Its great. I have all of Jillians DVD'S. Im currently doing the Extreme Shed and Shred mixed with Insanity do every other day workout 5 days a week.. Then next month she has her new DVD out called Revolution its a 90 day program seen a small clip its hardcore and I cant wait.. :)
  • londonms
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    I have a question that is unrelated. I am new to MFP and am trying to figure out how to log my exercise for 30DS. What do you count it as?

    I tried 30DS 2 years ago and gave up because I wasn't motivated enough to let go of bad habits. I am hoping to lose 25 pounds in the next few months. Even if the scale doesn't budge with this one, I will be pleased to get some toning out of it.
  • mzjstef
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    Hi...I'm similar to you 5'2" and started at 133lbs. I finished Day 19 of the 30DS this morning. Initially, I lost 2lbs then gained it back and have lost it again so I'm currently 131. However, I did take some measurements and have lost 1.5 in my hips and 1.5 in my waist and 1" on my thighs. You will see results, but it might not show so much on the scale. I was going to take 3 week photos today, but my daughter left my camera at school, so I couldn't! I wanted to see if I could notice the difference. I think I have less "back fat". haha. I am definitely toning up, and got Power 90 in the mail yesterday to follow up when I'm done with Jillian. Keep with it! If you want to add me as a friend, feel free.
  • LaurenAOK
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    I have a question that is unrelated. I am new to MFP and am trying to figure out how to log my exercise for 30DS. What do you count it as?

    I'm in a 30DS group and we log it as circuit training. And we log a little bit more time for each level. So, each of the workouts are about 25 mins, but MFP tends to overestimate... so we log 20 mins for level 1, 22-23 for level 2, and we haven't gotten to level 3 yet but we'll probably log the full 25 minutes for that. People with HRMs say that you definitely burn more calories as you move up through the levels.
  • lauehorn
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    Don't go by weight! Measure yourself now and go by inches lost instead. You may gain a few lbs, but still you'll likely still drop a clothing size.. There are tons of pictures out there of women who look better, more "slim" and toned, once they are 5 - 10 lbs heavier because they put on muscle, which takes less space than fat lb for lb.
  • cask16
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    Thanks everyone - this is very reassuring stuff! Now just to make sure I stick it out so I can take "after" measurments!
  • kopmom
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    I am 5'3.5" and 120lbs and doing the 30DS, currently on level 2

    I am doing it to tone up and so far it seems it is going good. I am doing Ripped in 30 after this but I heard that was harder so wanted to complete the full shred first. I also run (am training for my second 1/2 marathon)
  • isys5
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    having more muscle actually increases your metabolism so even if you don't see the scale moving you will probably reshapes areas and tone and still lose weight, just more slowly if you have less to lose