low calorie kid friendly recipes?????

krista010105 Posts: 149 Member
i am looking for some low calorie meals that me and hubby can eat that are kid friendly

we DONT eat, sea food other than tuna sandwiches. we dont eat peppers, onions, mushrooms, alvacados either. i will cook with onion powder or large chunks of onions for flavor but not tiny pieces that we cant pick out.

we eat alot of pasta, and i know that past isnt good.
we eat alot of red meat that i know isnt good either

im starting to cook more with ground turkey, so hamberger helper with turkey, or turkey burgers,

my husband is a sausage and chili person.

i dont know how to cook and with 4 kids ( a toddler and babie that are wit me all day i need recipes that i can make easy. crock pot recipes are fantastic. )


  • krista010105
    krista010105 Posts: 149 Member
    i have looked through skinnytaste.com and most of the recipes have onions, mushrooms, artichokes, asparagus etc so i need another option
  • valentbl
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    The best meals in our house (where kids and adults eat) are roasts, steak, rice, gravy, steamed vege, pasta, and chicken. Outside of that, I make 2 separate meals if I have to (I know that is not ideal but that's what I end up doing for variety and healthy). The roasts can be lean and the rest measured and limited. Also, if a recipe calls for onions or mushrooms, in a lot of them you can eliminate without risking flavor.
  • gingerb85
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    This is a meatless blog, but they have great kid friendly recipes. All I have tried have been yummy. http://peasandthankyou.com/