to log or not to log?

Okay so I am a grad student and this week is the week from hell. I've literally been on the run from 8am to 10pm everyday, and have had a hard time fitting in exercise...Yesterday I forced myself to get up and do a bit of yoga early, but today I haven't done anything exercise-related. It started out a fairly normal day food-wise, but for some reason I've been RAVENOUS all day. It didn't even seem to be emotional, stress-related cravings (at least not consciously), but I legitimately felt super hungry all day. I tried to continue with my daily net calorie goal (1330), but without having time to exercise it is pretty restrictive. I finally cracked when I got home from class just now, and ate a Panera cookie, some m&m's, & am having some wine. Obviously I'm waaaaay over my calorie goal for the day but I don't know if I should bother logging it. I've already decided that tomorrow is a new day, I will have a bit more time to exercise, and I will NOT make this a habit. Is it enough to know I'm over my limit without having to cringe by seeing my actual caloric intake for the day? Or should I make myself log it and suffer? Thoughts? Also, anyone have any ideas as to why I've been so hungry today? I thought without exercising you're supposed to feel LESS hungry?


  • amyhollar
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    I'd log it, just so that it doesn't become a habit. And also, I wouldn't beat myself up over a cookie (and you shouldn't either!) so it wouldn't bother me that much. That's my 2 cents!
  • nbibb851
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    I had a bad day too. I logged it. You are right tomorrow is a new day.
  • sweet110
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    I'm not a stickler for logging every morsel. BUT, the idea behind logging is to keep you accountable. And to SEE what's going in. All of it. What might you gain by logging?

    ...this will NOT be the last time you are unaccountably ravenous within your calorie range. By logging the cookies and m&m's, you'll be able to make observations like:
    *a small *meal* would have been healthier, more filling, and fewer calories;
    *if you're ravenous a lot, you might be able to look back at your log and make systematic changes to your diet;
    *if you don't get the results you expect, you'll be able so see, in black and white that, for example, what you remember as "occasional lapses" is actually happening three times a week. And that it always happens in your evening snack. Just for example. Once seeing this, you can start planning ahead.

    Could you see these things without logging? Yes, you could. But we're human. And we tend not to *see* things that are true. So, we need a bit of help. This is why logging *works*. This is why we do it.

    Good luck!
  • Thanks for the advice guys. I logged it. It was painful. But the calories were eaten whether I logged it or not I suppose. At least I'm determined not to make the same mistake tomorrow!
  • Nikstergirl
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    I logged mine yesterday when I was 450 over my goal... it hurt, but it's honest and I'm over it. Today I'm about that much under, so it's all good! If you keep accurate logs you can look at the week overall and if you're under for the week, you should see a loss on the scale. Not that your body always cooperates, but you get the idea.

    Good luck... and I love Panera... just sayin.
  • mrskesler
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    Thanks for the advice guys. I logged it. It was painful. But the calories were eaten whether I logged it or not I suppose. At least I'm determined not to make the same mistake tomorrow!

    This is how I feel about it too... it still counts if you don't log it, so you may as well. tomorrow is another day!
  • Pebble321
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    Sometimes I just give up and go to bed and start again tomorrow, but usually I try to log it because then at least when I look back at the week I can see the pattern of hte good days and the not so good days! And because I've been logging in every day for over a year, so I feel as though I should try and make it a reasonably accurate record.
  • alexandria412
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    You should be really proud of yourself for logging it and the this experience was "painful" is a GOOD THING. Internalize this feeling and remember it the next time you're not eating well.

    Also, not sure why, but I keep hearing that exercise makes you less hungry.