Looking for more friends !!!

vmbourg Posts: 125 Member
I've been logging in for about 15 days and I've lost 9lbs. I think what helps me the most is the support, accountability , an motivation from MFP friends. I have a few great motivators and looking for added support !! In turn I will help you reach your goals. I'm a 23 year old college student, mother of one, married , and living near New Orleans , LA. So anyone interested in making a new MFP fried , please add me ! Always looking for diverse friends !


  • DiannaMoorer
    DiannaMoorer Posts: 783 Member
    I live in Mississippi. Close to Jackson. Feel free to add me. By the the way you have done great!
  • StarIsMoving
    What a great job you have done so far! Feel free to add if you want. I am a mom of 3 (2 disabled), wife, work full time, soon to add student full time in the mix (somehow, lol). I wish you much luck!!!
  • Lrt4uk
    Lrt4uk Posts: 174
    I'm a KY girl, feel free to add me if ya want! You've done a great job so far!