iPhone 4S and Walking/Running/HRM

I'm so excited, I just got the iPhone 4S.  Fitness question... For those who have an iPhone and walk or run, what apps do you use?

I have the Nike+, but the things I hate about it: it gives Pace instead of Speed, and the website is in Flash (REALLY, Apple?), so obviously I can't see it, since I now use an iPhone and an iPad.

I downloaded Runkeeper, and I'll try that today, but it seems there's only one HRM that will work with it, it's by Wahoo.

I'm curious what everyone else may be using. Does anyone have a recommendation on apps that iare accurate, gives speed as well as distance, time, calories burned, and is compatible with an HRM?


  • sousaness
    sousaness Posts: 8 Member
    I am not sure about the HRM... my wife tried the one scorcee (sp?) one, it didn't work well at all. I am definitely +1 for Runkeeper though... works flawlessly.
  • I love using Runkeeper. I also like C25K- I'm not a runner at all but I like pretending :)