My NSV from yesterday

I work at a prison and have to respond to fights. I've been doing this for a little over 10 years and have NEVER made it all the way to a fight that was farther then yard one. I'd always have to stop and walk. Well yesterday I jogged all the way to yard three without stopping. Granted when we were told to stand by on the radio I looked up and said thank you and was totally out of breath but I made it the whole way!!! My fitness is improving - yay!


  • Sandydee60
    Sandydee60 Posts: 29 Member
    Great job! Jogging and I have not yet developed a friendship!
  • SuperSnoopy
    SuperSnoopy Posts: 3,464 Member
    WTG, next time it will be that little bit easier, and so it goes on and on. Well done
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