Semi nude artwork/photography

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I'm wanting to change the look of my bedroom by getting some semi nudes to put up. Tasteful photography that just shows beautiful bodies, not completely bare nudity but sheer subtle pictures only. I do have children. Does anyone have this type of art in their room. Do you cop crap for it. Is it of yourself, your partner or both? Anyone done photography of themselves as individuals or couples. Just dont want a boring bedroom anymore, I want it to be sexified. As thats the journey I am currently taking for myself. Wanted to know other MFPers thoughts and ideas on this.

cheers and thanks for commenting.



  • KristinLeAnn252
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    I really love the pin up look so as one of my weight loss rewards i'm going to have one of those done (in some of those cute vintage outfits). I'm just having those for done for me so I can see the progress I made and to show off some of my new confidence :) I think it'll be fine for your bedroom. I know quite a few people who've had athletic nude photography taken and it looks really great. It basically blacks out any naughty parts but shows off the parts you worked your a** off working out :) Google it!
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    Well idk if this counts but I have pics of women's bodies I am aspiring towards, eg Ashley Horner, Kerri Hayes, Samantha Baker (all fitness models)
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    Thanks. It is for motivation as well.
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    If you want semi nude artwork that whilst being sexual but not in your face here is a photo of a topless woman kind of thing, have you thought of looking at the fantasy genre that Conan would fit into. They often have lots of very attarctive people in next to nothing. For you and your husband/partner your mind can do the rest and for your kids they will see someone in little clothing trunks/bikini in an fantasy world of dragonslayer etc.

    Something like this

    Whilst it is very sexy and can get the mind racingabout things, it can also be seen just as a bit of fantasy artwork when if it becomes a talking point and you get asked why it's there when you have children.
  • LooseWheel
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    Thanks for that. I hadn't thought of that perspective. It truly can go extreme as well as subtle for fantasy type feels. Had just been looking at black and white photos or sepia type pictures. something with little colour and that will suit any colour scheme of the room. cheers