Full Bar?

I've never had these before but am looking for something quick for breakfast on the run... are these worth a go? I have a hard time getting breakfast in, but these say to eat before a meal, not AS a meal...

any thoughts before I open this bad boy and chow down?


  • Krizzle4Rizzle
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    I didn't really care for them to be honest. They just tasted like an overpriced rice cake.
  • vernavoo
    Hi there! I bought a few of these and tried one....hmmmm, if you like cardboard drizzled with chocolate it might be good to you LOL! I dont think it really filled me up as it said it would, even with water. For the calories and carbs, I dont think it's worth it. It might be better doing a Luna bar and some water. Not only would it fill you up, it's portable, and it tastes good.

    Hope that helps! :D

  • ondogirl
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    Save your money. They are really gross.
  • deadstarsunburn
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    I didn't really care for them to be honest. They just tasted like an overpriced rice cake.

    This. I really liked the way they tasted (chocolate), but in all honesty if you buy rice cakes it's the same except cheaper.
  • JacksMom12
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    Luna bars, Lara bars, and cliff are my favorites... They usually have one of those brands on sale at my grocery store each week so I usually get a few for mornings that I don't have time to make breakfast. I like the Luna protein ones ... They have 12 grams of protein and come in flavors like mint chocolate and cookie dough.
  • beanie193
    Snackwells protein cereal bars are much better tasting and have tons of protein and a some fiber. Drink a big glass of water and its pretty much the same effect
  • leannems
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    What about a regular protein bar?
  • kdiamond
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    Yeah, 5 grams of protein isn't going to keep you full...I'm not sure what brand of crazy that dude is trying to sell.

    I prefer real food, but in a pinch, I will take a "Think Thin" bar with me - I don't care for the name but they are gluten free and have 20 grams of protein and 220 calories. The white chocolate chip is very good and they will keep me going for a few hours.
  • msliu7911
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    If I were you I would pass them up. I used to work in a fitness store where these products were sold. They didn't sell very well and I tried them a couple times... as another poster said they are just like a rice cake and the idea is to fill you up (full of fiber). If I were you, I recommend a protein bar. It will carry much more nutritional value, fill you up, and probably taste better. :)

    Great job on looking for healthy breakfast options for on the go! Better than skipping breakfast altogether. :)

    ETA: The meal/ protein bars I like the most are Atkins. Even though I'm not a big fan of the whole Atkins low-carb craze... the bars taste amazing and they have a good balance of protein, fat, and yes- carbs (fiber and a little sugar). They are VERY filling too.
  • maddymama
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    Two ideas here: #1-- don't eat a bar as a meal- it won't give you the nutrients you need on a regular basis. While travelling or once in a while is OK, but not for a daily meal. Try to make overnight oatmeal (google it) a few times a week and grab it and take it with you. I do mine with water and not milk so it can travel with me... and add tons of fruit, citrus zest, cinnamon, and vanilla extract for flavor. I also add a few walnuts or pecans for some extra umph. I do it with rolled oats... I only like steel cut oats in the crockpot over night.
    2) Lara bars are awesome- nuts and dried fruit. That's it. They make a great snack or travelling meal. But not a great meal replacement.
  • brit49
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    I didn't really care for them to be honest. They just tasted like an overpriced rice cake.

    This is what I wanted to say!!