Hi, I am pretty new to this. I have a quick the 1200 cal/day for everyone? I am 5'10 and I don't think it should be the same calorie count for someone who is 5'10 and someone who is 5'2, but am not sure.... please let me know =)


  • LorinaLynn
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    It depends on how you have your goals set. By your ticker, you want to lose 40#, so you shouldn't aim for any more than 1# a week.

    If you have it set for 2# a week, that's 1000 less calories per day than your body needs to maintain your current weight. Unless you have more than 75# to lose, your body doesn't have enough fat to support such a deficit.
  • jennbriere
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    ok good to know about that =)

    I did actually loose 20lbs in a month before..weighing even less than I do now (I went from about 180 to 160 in a month), but it was probably a little too much since I didn't feel well after (looked good, but didn't feel good haha).

    I will maintain my exercise and eat more consciously and hope to loose at least 10lbs this month - I think it is doable since my body is not used to working out or eating well lol
  • BerryH
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    Yep, go back to your settings and set yourself up to lose 1lb a week, let MFP do the hard sums, track everything you eat and eat all or most of your exercise calories and you'll be good to go. On far more than 1200 calories a day, I might add!