So I caught a stomach virus....

... and I lost 2 lbs! Yay! It was about 12 hours of hell but I can't say I'm not thrilled. I highly recommend it...


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  • Cosmic_Unicorn
    Cosmic_Unicorn Posts: 150 Member
    Lol, I lost 5 pounds (exactly what I gained over Christmas) with the Norwalk virus a few weeks ago. Took care of that problem!
  • Kimblesnbits
    Kimblesnbits Posts: 321 Member
    OMG I had a baaaaad stomach bug and have had no appetite since sunday. I'll do my weigh in tomorrow morning and see if ive lost. I know it's probably temporary since Ive only been eating like 500 cals a day. :( I'm slowly trying to eat more. Im kinda scared of food after that bad stomach virus i had. Sort of a love hate relationship with having no appetite haha.