Recs for low-impact way to burn a lot of calories?

Hi all,
I have a stress fracture at the base of the toes in my right foot, so my favorite forms of cardio (running and high-impact aerobics) are out. I don't have a gym membership or any equipment other than a treadmill. I do have a bike, but it's kind of cold for outdoor riding. Any other suggestions (like good exercise videos) I could try until the fracture heals? Come summer, I can swim, but that's a good ways away... Thanks in advance!


  • killerkitsune
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    I have a pulled achilles tendon, so I've been experimenting with low impact too. Swimming is probably the best, but I found that I can still do a lot of kickboxing without too much stress put on the ankles/feet. Hope that helps!
  • jlr_12
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    Shadow boxing! You can remain relatively stationary on the bottom, and still get a good cardio work out.
  • sammys1girly
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    Shadow boxing! You can remain relatively stationary on the bottom, and still get a good cardio work out.

    I had a training injury on my knee and was on crutches for a week, and had to rest it up for a couple of months before it stopped hurting. Lots of punching my punching up a sweat and sure gets your heart rate up too.
  • mallory3411
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    Any chance you can buy an inexpensive stationary bike? Or something to mount your outdoor bike to be used inside?

    A few years ago I broke 4 bones in my right foot just as I was starting on my journey the first time to lose weight. I got a stationary bike for $50 and used that for at leat 40 minutes a day. I put it in front of the TV and would use it while watching TV. For the first while I couldn't go very fast and I had to ensure I had properly supported my foot (they didn't give me a cast and I had a sprained ankle). I ended up losing about 25 lbs by the time my foot properly healed.

    Don't try to push it too hard. If it hurts, stop. Even if it doesn't hurt make sure your foot is properly supported.

    I didn't listen to that and I now have to wear an ankle brace and orthodics. If I don't I get crazy pain all throughout my legs and back due to how messed up my foot got. I now have to wear orthodics forever since even the best shoes still make my back and legs hurt after walking for a while. Hopefully my issue will get better once I'm not working in a job where I"m walking for 6 hours a day at least.
  • LorinaLynn
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    I have an almost healed stress fracture in my Fibula, and could only bike. I took the time off as a vacation from strenuous exercise, preferring to run the risk of gaining a couple pounds to going bonkers stressing about calories. I stopped logging completely for about a month, and my weight stayed about the same. I maybe went to the gym 4-5 times during that 4-5 weeks.
  • Rae6503
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    Some resistance training? Squats, lunges, push-ups, go buy some resistance bands, they are like $15.
  • dandelion39
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    Thanks for all the great ideas! Boxing is one I hadn't thought of, and we do have one of those things you can mount your bike on indoors. I'll give those a try.