HRM - Which do you use and why do you like that specific mod

So I'm sure something along these lines has been posted before but I just don't have the time right now to dig for it. I've been considering getting an HRM for a little bit now since I know the exercise calories on MFP are off. I was wondering which brand and model people prefer. I've heard lots of people mention Polar but I just wanted to get some suggestions that I should look into because there's just SO many when I look online.

Thanks bunches!


  • glassgallm
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    I researched Polar FT4 and FT7 but ended up getting a Garmin FR60 because I could get a bundle package with it that included the foot pod needed for tracking distance and pace. I got it on Amazon and am happy with it. It credits me with about 100 more calories burned for running the same distance that my runkeeper app and my fitness pal does. You need to have the chest strap to get an accurate reading on your heart rate.