Ladies in Ontario, Canada: Which Gym Do You Use?

I've been a member of Mademoiselle/ Premier Fitness for 2.5 years.

Aside from being promised FREE personal training sessions, boxing sessions and getting a free gym bag and never receiving them, the general atmosphere of the club was great. Mademoiselle is women-only, which I love.

Last month, however, as I stepped into the gym, I noticed the signs had changed and there was a guy standing behind the counter. After asking what was going on, he told me that another company had bought out my gym. Without giving ANY notice to any of the members.

I'm pretty upset by this. I joined a ladies-only gym for a reason. Shouldn't they have legally informed their patrons as to what was going on?

If this wasn't enough to tick me off, on Saturday I tried to dedicate 2 full hours of my time to working out. I barely lasted 20 minutes. It seems that with the name change, the "new" members weren't informed that you should be wiping down your machines after you've gooped them up with your sweat. The entire time I was there, I watched 20 different people hop from machine to machine, never once wiping anything down. This is a huge pet peeve of mine. People seem to think that illnesses and diseases can't be spread through sweat.

Yes, I know that it's a gym and that sweating is to be expected, but shouldn't there be SOME sort of expectancy when it comes to cleanliness? Leaving puddles of sweat on every machine just isn't what I'm used to seeing.

I HAD a pretty good thing going...$33/month, multiple locations, giant pool, free classes, clean bathrooms...

So how clean is YOUR gym?

Can anyone recommend a good gym that has members that aren't completely inconsiderate of others?



  • juliesummers
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    Have you checked out your local Curves gym?
    It's women only, has "Curves Smart" which is an electronic personal coaching system that tells you how hard to push yourself, which machines you should focus on, and how many calories you burned afterward. It is circuit training that combines cardio and strength training, and it's hydraulic resistance so it's low impact and won't hurt your joints. They have travel passes, so you can go to any Curves in the world, and most Curves location offer fun Zumba classes for only $2/class.
  • TubbsMcGee
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    Thanks, Julie

    I looked into Curves, but the closest location to me has funny hours... only open until 8pm week days, 1pm on Saturday and they're completely closed on Sundays. Doesn't work with my work schedule. Otherwise it would be a great choice!
  • TubbsMcGee
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    And they just called me to say that they've canceled my fitness consultation for tonight.

    I had to book it 3 months in advance. I had forgotten about it, of course. They had promised me that they would call me a day in advance to remind me about it as "that's their policy." Of course they didn't call me yesterday.

    They called me to rebook it, saying the soonest they can do my consultation is April.

    Lovely. All the more reason to love them.

  • TubbsMcGee
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    I went with Goodlife. I signed up last night. And, although I'm paying $10 more a month, I think the cleanliness alone is worth it!