In 2008 I went skiing for the very first time, fell down the mountain, my ski's didn't come off and I completely tore my ACL and ruptured another ligament in my right knee.

I rested my knee a lot before and after surgery and did a lot of bike work and leg weights under the supervision of a physio for almost a year. I tried swimming for a bit but. I was advise 'not to swim butterfly stroke. I'm not a very stronger swimmer anyway.

Anyway I been exercising on and off for the last the last 8 months, but every weekend since January when I finally started this new lifestyle. I do Zumba on a Saturday for 1 hour and Bokwa on a Sunday for 1 hour, both high impact aerobics. Other than that i just either walk or do step/zumba on the wii.

My knee has started to hurt and I'm petrified it's going to snap. Iss that likely to happen and should I wear a support bandage when i do exercise?

Thanks. x


  • I really doubt that it will SNAP. I had ACL reconstruction and Meniscus repair almost 20 years ago, played college Volleyball after and the whole nine yards. I did get tendonitis in that knee when I was in college and it did feel like it was going to SNAP, but after working with our Athletic trainer and taking lots of Ibuprofen I worked through it. Not had a problem with it since. Haven't done a lot of excerice since then either tho:noway: Best thing for me when I was going thru that was working out every morning. I would ride the stationary bike for 5 minutes to warm up, then hop on the stairmaster for 20 minutes, after that there were stretches and things I had to do for another 10-15 minutes and finally ICE for 15-20 minutes. After about 2 weeks of that routine I was all better. If you remember any of the strectches the Physical therapist had you do you can try to do a light impact exercise routine that focuses on working that knee as much as possible making sure you remember to stretch and ICE afterwards and you will likely be able to work the pain out of it in no time:happy:
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    I think it may be wise to wear some type of support bandage for your knee. Also what type of shoe are you wearing while doing zumba? I suggest you try finding a shoe with little to no traction on the bottom. If you're wearing a cross training or running shoe it is possibly stopping your pivots & turns. I wear Reebok Zig Tech's for zumba & they work pretty good although I'm finding that they are hard to find now. I think a different shoe will help tremendously.
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    My teenage daughter had ACL reconstruction surgery this past October. Her surgeon told me she is NOT to use support braces (other than the one specially made for her) such as ACE because it will weaken the muscles surrounding the knee. The muscles learn they don't need to work as hard because the brace is doing the support, they weaken, and now they don't support the knee like they are made to do. If the muscles are weaker and don't support the knee, then chances of re-tearing your ACL actually increase. Talk to your doctor about the pain, they should have some thoughts regarding what you should do.
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    Thanks guys. i will have to look into proper 'Zumba' shoes as I do wear my running trainers.

    I guess I'll have to make an appointment with the physio to see what they think, maybe get an x-ray done to make sure everything is ok.

    I am just really worried as when I was attending the physio there was a guy there who had the same operation and having the same treatment as me, when i got talking to him I discovered he had torn his acl 'initially' playing footbal, but this time round he was just running up the stairs and it went! Obviously when i'm doing my aerobics classes I'm jumping up and down for a full hour each time and putting a lot of pressure on my knee, and also with the extra weight I'm carrying at the moment, I'm just really scared but at the same time I don't want to stop attending my classes, I love it!

    My knee also grates when I bend it, does anyone else have that? x
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    I've had 2 surgeries on my left knee and 3 on my right, so I know how you feel about worrying about injuring it again. I currently have a new pain on the outer knee that I think stems from over compensating the way I walked when I cracked my tail bone. Been avoiding high impacts and modify exercises when it comes to dance aerobics.

    I agree with the shoes, doing dance aerobics in cross trainers tend to be bulky and harder to do pivots, thus putting more strain on them. I love my Ryka Transitions cause they provide cushioning, yet are light weight and easy to maneuver dance steps.

    Just to be on the safe side, I would allow a day or two between doing the jumping and turning workout days and do something low impact, like biking, walking or elliptical...maybe make those your strength training days? Hope it gets better :)
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    Problem I have is the main time I am able to do exercise is at the weekend and I really don't want to give up on either Zumba or Bokwa, i really do love them both. During the week it's difficult with work and kids to get a proper workout in.

    I'm going to try some new shoes and see if that makes a difference.

    thanks again. x
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    Hi, as a Zumba AND Bokwa instructor in London, I've got a bit of advice for you when it comes to footwear. I have terrible shin splints when teaching and the right trainers makes all the difference. As you know, Zumba and Bokwa are very different exercise classes, so ideally you need different trainers for both.

    ZUMBA: there are lots of twists and turns in Zumba, so trainers need to have LOW GRIP on the soles, and preferably have a flat sole too. Zumba trainers are great as they have been designed specifically for the types of movements you will do in class. If they are too high grip, you can end up straining tendons in the knees/ankles as they won't allow your feet to turn as quickly as the rest of your body. They can be pricey if you buy them on your own so maybe speak to your instructor. If he/she is a ZIN member they can order them for you and get a discount. I wear the Z High-tops for class as they support my ankles which is great for my shin splints.

    BOKWA: Bokwa can be more high impact the Zumba, and the key to footwear is SUPPORT. Support for the sides of your feet, the soles and the arches. You will need a higher grip trainer for Bokwa than Zumba. Split-sole dance trainers are a massive no-no for Bokwa. I personally wear Nike trainers as I find all of their trainers fit and support my feet beautifully, and they are not too expensive. I got a pair for £27.00 from Sports Direct and they are perfect and held up well for the past 6 months of me teaching 5 classes a week.

    Please note, for both trainers, they will need good cushioning for your feet. This will help absorb more impact from the moves and take some of the strain off your knees. I recommend keeping your instructor informed of your knee problems and worries, try some new trainers, but most importantly of all, see your doctor for advice as they will ultimately know best.

    All the best,
    Hannah x
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    Have you noticed any swelling of the knee?
    I say no to supports for the knee. Your knee becomes too reliant on the piece and can inhibit muscle growth and development. I would incorporate some exercises given during PT as an additive to your aerobics.
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    In 2008 I went skiing for the very first time, fell down the mountain, my ski's didn't come off and I completely tore my ACL and ruptured another ligament in my right knee.

    This really FREAKS ME OUT. Exactly the same situation for me, 1st time ski, skis did not come off, ACL all torn on right knee!!! We are "bad knee twins"!

    My accident happened in 1990 and by now my right knee does not have any cartilage left (there is a pin). Sorry girl but that might happen to you as well. What you need to do is to build up the muscles around the knee to support it. I am not keen on support bandage as it is a bit of a crutch and maybe in the way of building your muscles.

    My knee swells when I over exercise. But when I was sedentary, it really swells and definitely wobbly. Now that I have been on Pilates for almost 1 year, my legs are very strong and I noticed that the knee does not bother me as much. I used to do weights and ellipstical and that did not build up my suppotive muscles around the knee as well as Pilates does (which works from all angles). I did not expect it...but now I know what a strong all-sided support can do to stabalize your knee and allow you to try more movements.

    Good luck!