Ladies with 6packs!

I want one! & am willing to put the work in. I am currently on my 3rd week of p90x2 and am working on eating a lot cleaner. I have a flat stomach but no muscle definition. Any advice and/or success stories you can give me? Thanks so much!


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    Squats and Dead-lifts reporting in
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    the main thing you will need to do first, is lower your bodyfat. Thats key.

    Until you are in a lower BF percent, no mater how build abs are - you will not see the ab definition you already have. Thats normally at/below 18%-20% for women. Not sure on guys. (don't know which applies to you)

    With P90x or P90X2 - I recommend you use weights on all ab work. (wrist and ankle) - if you are able
    (I am assuming you do the Ab Ripper three times a week)

    Are you able to do pullups yet? This also works the abs and core in some really unexpected ways. If not work on them, the Pull Up bands are excellent, and really helped me finally master a complete full range, good form pullup. (I can do two now - LOL)
    Thats when I found out how much they work the abs.

    Have you done P90X before, or did you start with 2? I am trying to understand what you have been doing before your past 3 weeks with P2.

    If you never have done P90X, and just started with 2, you will find, you may take a while still to have the ab development you are looking for. Depends on what you have been doing.

    Week three, you have not yet hit the strength training.

    But even if you have not done much, most people still have some development, it just covered with fat. :)

    Beef up your core work, planks, superman , etc add in weights or advanced moves when you can.

    Tighten up core and abs on all weight work. Add leg lifts on from your pull up bar. (use weights when you advance) (I do them on all rest breaks)

    Lots of good moves here:

    Though I personally just do Ab Ripper (1 and 2) and steps above, and as my body fat is dropping I am seeing more and more definition. Not yet at a six pack.

    I pretty much add weights on everywhere I can, plyo, core, abs, everything.
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    Sorry to post in here with no information for you (I'm a beginner) but I had to tell you how amazed I am that you're doing P90X2 on so little calories. I did a month of P90X in spring of last year (and quit because of rt shoulder & rt knee pain) and I was ravenous. Eating clean and getting enough calories was a huge chore for us. My husband resorted to supplementing with fig newtons just to get enough energy/calories to keep going. Your diary is impressive considering your exercise regimen.
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    Tangal: I have completed p90x multiple times, and then took a break last fall to train and complete in a half marathon. I can do pull-ups with a chair for support. Unassisted I can complete only 2. Thanks for your feedback! Oh, and I am a female by the way!

    Jane: I started become a little obsessive about logging my food, so I took a breather for a few months. Most of my food logged the past few weeks isn't accurate because I have been trying not to be so strict. Just this week I will start logging completely again. I am set at 1500 calories, but I also eat back all or mostly all of my exercise calories. When I wasn't logging, I just tried to make smart choices and eat when I was hungry. I didn't gain any weight, but I didn't lose any either which is fine for me.
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    Sounds like you are probably getting a good amount of ab work in then, though you can certainly beef it up with weights if you choose. I also used the weighted ball on the P90X2 warmupos, rather then the swiss ball.

    Looks like you are probably back to lowering body fat, not sure where you are there.

    For me, the only way to do that was:

    -lift heavy weights with low reps
    -make sure I have good protein levels, on the higher end
    -make sure calories are in a deficit, but not to low, as you need those cals for P90
    -adding in lots of extra cardio, for me that an extra 45-60 min a day, beyond P90X or X2

    Not sure if any of that helps, you may already been doing all that. But thats the tweaks I needed, to see fat drop, and ab definition to start and show. I still have more fat to drop, but definitely have side carving and light cut definition appearing. (photo on my profile is actually probably 10 lbs heavier then now, so I have more definition then shown there)
  • Have you tried the workout Insanity??