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Just Starting Out

Any recommendations for some good exercises to do while sitting at the desk in the office? or perhaps while I am in my own private office? I walk on my breaks so I am getting out and getting additional exercise during the daytime plus a break from the computer but if its slow I am wondering if there is anything I could be doing,



  • dls06
    dls06 Posts: 6,774 Member
    Take it slow and don't do anything you won't be able to stick with long term. Its about a healthy lifestyle and not a short term diet.
    Small changes make a big difference over the long run. Healthy foods and portion control. :flowerforyou:
  • addisondisease2
    addisondisease2 Posts: 348 Member
    Try working out after you are done working. I go to this thing called a gym, its great, no desks to sit in, and i can pick up and put down anything i want.
  • ChristineCain
    ChristineCain Posts: 76 Member
    Well without the risk of coming off as too much of a ***** addisondiseas, I do actually have a gym membership. I was asking if there were things that I could be doing during the day additionally. Perhaps I should have been clearer.
  • k8blujay2
    k8blujay2 Posts: 4,941 Member
    Christine, there was a website I saw on Pinterest... in fact it's in my "It's for my health" board. It's in their exercise finder, they have quite a few exercises you can do at your desk.
  • mrstwito
    Lunges and squates - suck it in and bend sister!!