New to MFP in St. Augustine, FL

I'm a 39 yo mom with about 100 lbs to lose after a year with a non-functioning thyroid. I was eating like a bird but gaining as much as 1-2 lb a week because I had NO metabolism and was too weak and tired to go out much. I had the thyroid totally removed last April and thought the weight would come back off naturally, but it didn't happen. I also quit smoking after the surgery which added another 15 pounds and now I'm faced with the prospect of losing weight the old fashioned way.

The surgery was a success, my energy levels are almost back to normal and I think my BMR will recover in time, so I've joined Planet Fitness. I am doing well (but not perfect) with my new restricted calorie diet. But its been a month and I've only lost 1 lb. Getting a little discouraged but not giving up because most of my exercise time is devoted to resistance and strength training (I need that in order to get my BMR back to where it used to be before the "year from hell"). So I feel like I'm probably losing more inches than weight (fingers crossed).

Anyway, a friend got me on MFP and then hasn't logged in since. I have four active friends and four inactive. So I'd be very happy to have some more friends on here to share and support each other. Especially I'd love to meet anyone local that would like to walk or go to Planet Fitness with me (I have the Black Card membership that lets me bring a guest for free).