Mindful (vs. mindless) eating

I'm guilty of mindless eating (inhaling my food might be more accurate) all too often. I think keeping track of calories is one step toward more deliberate eating—making actual choices, not just grabbing the first yummy morsel at hand, for one thing. This NYT article on mindful eating takes it a step farther. I hope I can get there someday: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/02/08/dining/mindful-eating-as-food-for-thought.html?_r=1 Thought some of you might be interested, too. Cheers!


  • NYChick84
    NYChick84 Posts: 331 Member
    Thank you for sharing this!!! I think when we're all hungry, we do want to just grab the first thing in sight and inhale it. Keeping track of the calories forces me to have to measure every single morsel that enters my mouth. With that in mind, it slows me down a bit more in the kitchen and I ultimately end up making the right decisions. :)