Before a run, greek yogurt or power bagel?

I'm hoping to get the best out of my run this morning, and I'm not sure which is a better choice. I still have 90 minutes before I drop the kids off, so a good amount of time to digest.
So do I go for my B.B. Bakery Energy Bar, basically a bagel bar packed with apples, raisins, and walnuts (216 cal, 37 carbs, 8 protien) with a tablespoon of natural peanut butter, or a chobani greek yogurt (140 cal, 20 carb, 14 protien) with a bit of granola?
I'm just not sure which is going to fuel me better :/


  • crymzen
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    I've always heard that protein is better fuel before/after a workout so I guess I would pick the yogurt. However I think the bagel bar would feel more filling.
  • I would pick the yogurt.
  • psposey
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    carbs before, protein after. Go with the power bagel and I have found that chocolate milk after works for me.
  • lizard053
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    Carbs before protein after is the old rule of thumb. I say protein either way! ;)
  • PlunderBunneh
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    I love chocolate milk after a run.

    Thanks much for inputting everyone! Bagel with peanut butter it is :)
  • Brian_VA
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    Your body will use the fuel in your stomach to fuel your physical activity before burning the fat on your body. If you eat before the run, you will burn the calories in your food first. Only when it runs out will your body start to burn body fat. If you eat again right after the run, the body will immediately stop burning body fat and use the new food to fuel your recovery. But eating before the run will give you energy, enhance your performance on the run, and if that is your goal, definitely the way to go.

    But if you don't eat before the run, and run (or in my case cycle) on an empty stomach, you give the body little option but to start burning body fat as soon as your glycogen is depleted. After you are done with the run you can hold off eating for an hour or so, your body will keep burning body fat during recovery. You won't feel as good on the run, but you'll burn more body fat. When you do eat, the energy from the food will not be converted to fat immediately, and will be available to fuel your BMR and other energy needs during the day. I find this helps maximize fat loss.

    You might try both ways to see what works best for you.