what's your favorite.....

gettinthere Posts: 529 Member
1. low fat salad dressing....Bolthouse Farms Salsa Ranch
2. exercise....running
3. drink....red wine


  • Phoenyx0189
    dressing: Dr. Fuhrman's Sun dried tomato
    exercise: trampolines, rockwall climbing, and pole dance class
    drink: perrier pomplemousse rose sparkling water
  • Saruman_w
    Saruman_w Posts: 1,531 Member
    1. I've been using Light Toasted Asian sesame on my salads so far.. I"m liking it
    2. I'd say running as well
    3. I only drink water.
  • Baby_Chim
    1: Light balsamic vinegar
    2: swimming and netball
    3: Pepsi max :)
  • melbaby925
    1) Homemade caesar vinaigrette
    2) Running...believe it or not, still shocks the hell out of me!
    3) Red blends, anything with zinfandel as a base
  • gettinthere
    gettinthere Posts: 529 Member
    trampolines...how fun!!! And talk about good commitment on only drinking water!!!
  • Ddmck1
    Ddmck1 Posts: 89 Member
    1: None
    2: Just Dance 3
    3: Lemon Lime Sparkling Water
  • MinnieInMaine
    MinnieInMaine Posts: 6,400 Member
    1. low fat salad dressing....Ken's Light Caesar or Fat-Free Honey Dijon depending on what I'm in the mood for

    2. exercise....running - but my knee got tweaked a couple weeks ago so my current favorite is the stairmill

    3. drink....alcoholic - dry/skinny margaritas, non-alcholic - lipton diet citrus green tea YUM!
  • MyFeistyEvolution
    MyFeistyEvolution Posts: 1,015 Member
    Dressing - Anything Maple Grove Farms

    Exercise - Being ridiculous and running around in public

    Drink - Vodka.
  • mskari77
    mskari77 Posts: 142
    1. the only dressing I eat on salads is Kraft Greek Vinaigrette with feta and oregano....it's 60 cal and 5g fat.

    2. my favorite exorcise is leg day on weights and also martial arts, whether it's cardio kickboxing at home, kenpo, or tae kwon do (I haven't trained in a year, but one of my short term goals is to return)

    3. drinks....ice water, Arnold Palmer Half and Half's...but I don't drink them very often, and a good 12 year scotch..which I also dont drink too often.
  • Mandykinz2008
    Mandykinz2008 Posts: 292 Member
    Dressing - Honey Mustard

    Exercise - Running

    Drink - Diet Dr. Pepper
  • sarahgilmore
    sarahgilmore Posts: 572 Member
    DRESSING: balsamic vinegar

    EXERCISE: walking

    DRINK: coke
  • teelynn35
    teelynn35 Posts: 239 Member
    dressing: low fat raspberry vinegrette
    Exercise: Ecotrek
    Drink: water, or an occasion capt'n & diet
  • Heaven71
    Heaven71 Posts: 706 Member
    Dressing: Apple Cider Vinegar
    Exercise: Running and it shocks the hell out of me as well
    Drink: mostly water but Absinthe is by far my most fave.
  • toolgirl626
    toolgirl626 Posts: 17 Member
    1. Any homemade dressing

    2. Running and weight training

    3. When I'm being bad, strawberry margaritas, or else diet coke
  • LuckyLeprechaun
    LuckyLeprechaun Posts: 6,296 Member
    Absinthe is by far my most fave.

    So curious about this! What does it taste like? I'd like to try it, just for the novelty of "this used to be illegal" LOL
  • k80fox
    k80fox Posts: 92
    1. I can't do low-fat dressing (makes me gag) but I like Angleo Pietro Sesame & Miso Dressing (80 cals per Tbsp and for me a little goes a long way)
    2. My favorite exercise is walking the beach with my Hubby (apx 2.5 miles from home to the end of the beach and back home)
    3. I love VODKA!! Though it doesn't love me, lol. My absolute favorite cocktail is a Bloody Mary. MMMM....thinking about one right now, lol.
  • christine24t
    christine24t Posts: 6,064 Member
    Oil and red wine vinegar
    Action Motion Trainer
    Amaretto Sour (short)
  • Jazzyrose77
    Jazzyrose77 Posts: 153 Member
    1. Ken's Zest Italian
    2. Exercise....running
    3. Drink....Moscato d'Asti or Sprite