In Recovery - I wanna work out...Help!

I am looking to work out again, but I need to start out small and slow. I had my tonsils removed and my body is taking it slow when it comes to recovery. I really want to work out again, even if it is something simple at home. I am looking for some tips and ideas in how I can just do some small stuff to get back on track. I was the type of person who would do some hard workouts and dance workouts and now I can’t. So, please, any tips or ideas that I can do at home let me know!
1) Yoga/Pilates Ball
2) Small Workout Ball
3) 2lb Free Weights
4) Resistant Band

Note: Anything that puts a strain on my neck or the muscles in that area is REALLY bad.

So if you can help me start working out while I am finishing my recovery I would love you a long time :flowerforyou:


  • AmyRhubarb
    AmyRhubarb Posts: 6,890 Member
    I was in a recovery mod of sorts a few months ago, and for me, small & slow meant walking. And I was S L O W. A trip around the block was rough, but it was a start, and got me moving. I didn't do it every day, but as often as I could, and before long I was walking longer and farther until I was back on my feet and back to my usual workouts.

    Hope you are feeling better soon!