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    Years ago I took appetite suppressants and quickly lost weight, but started with heart racing, not being able to sleep, anxiety. And I've now got gall bladder and liver issues. I believe it has a lot to do with loosing quickly, then gaining quickly when I stopped them. Done it the natural way this time and its staying off. Please don't take them. Eat plenty of protein and drink lots of water. Porridge\oats fill you in the morning and soup for dinner. I watched a programme on tv where they rpoved fluids taken longer to digest in your stomachs than solids and keep you fuller for longer. Soup is my secret weapon. I make home made ones and they are so low calorie that you can have extra if you need it...
    1. Roast peppers, onion and tomatoes.
    2. In a big pan add chopped tomatoes, worchestershire sauce\hp brown sauce, chilli, herbs and knorr chicken stock pots and simmer.
    3. Add roasted veg and blitz.
    4. Add chickpeas and cook through.
    140 calories for a huge bowl and really keeps you full. You can add lentils or pasts shells if you like too x
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    self control.
    green tea.
    lots of water
    black coffee. decaf works too.
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    I just started using Adapexin-P.
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    Awesome, motivational story and advice. Thank you!
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    Gg Scandinavian Crisp bread is really filling. I bought some the other day and it really hit the spot! There is so much fiber in it and very low in cals. I need to get me some more...Oh, and I got it from Whole Foods, but I am sure you can find it online somewhere. I am telling you, try it out..and it is good for you too.
    Thanks for this post!

    Thanks :) Glad someone found it useful.
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    Bee Pollen. It is all natural and has many other benefits other than suppressing appetite. I used it when I stopped smoking because I could not stop eating. When spring rolled around, I noticed I did not have my typical pollen allergy symptoms.

    For suppressing appetite, I took 2 capsules on an empty stomach a few minutes before I ate breakfast and lunch. This way I was sure to get my nutrition in me but gave the pollen time to get into my system.

    I also use the royal jelly in honey for energy, its crazy good! When I do my walk/run out side I pass by dozens of restaurants that smell delicious. Even if I am not hungry these smells can me me feel like I am starving all of a sudden. By taking the royal jelly or bee pollen before I leave, this does not happen.

    There are so many health benefits to list here, please feel free to google it.

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    "Self control is free." What the heck is that? She wouldn't have asked for an alternative if it was so easy. People get on my friggin' nerves judging people all the time. Heck, you wouldn't be on myfitnesspal if you were so blasted perfect yourself Mizz!
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    I suggest you try the bee pollen or green tea... Swapping caffeine for another stimulant (or mix) is like trading poison for poison. Possibly even a worse poison. Im not saying caffeine is bad, I'm just curious why youre trying to avoid it and possibly replace it with something even worse.

    If you dont mind caffeine, ephedrine caffeine stacks are common, but, I personally am not interested in the health risks. Do your research and know the risks.
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    "Self control is free." What the heck is that? She wouldn't have asked for an alternative if it was so easy. People get on my friggin' nerves judging people all the time. Heck, you wouldn't be on myfitnesspal if you were so blasted perfect yourself Mizz!

    The funny thing is, halfway down the page she decided to try it without pills because of these responses:flowerforyou: .
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    I also had a friend who did Phen/Fen at the same time. We both got great results. We both went off of them when we realized what they were doing to us. Then we both gained 75 to100 pounds over the next decade as our appetites spiraled out of control. Unless you plan on taking that magic product for the rest of your life. IT still comes down to doing the work. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY OUT.

    I really urge you to eat healthfully. When I stopped eating white flour and sugar my junk food cravings went away. I was a sugar junkie even eating sugar with a spoon if nothing "good" was around.

    Through good old fashioned hard work, and tears, I went from 205 pounds to 136.8 (today) and a size 16 to a size 4 - 6. Regardless of the fact that it has taken me 5 years, do you know how empowering that is to let you know that I have done this all by myself? No help from any pill, any doctor, any nutritionist, any personal trainer? Just me, myself, and I! I read You on a Diet from Dr. Oz, and then EAT to LIVE by Dr. Fuhrman. I have never felt more confident or powerful in my life. I don't know how old you are but I am 54 and started all of this weighing 205 on the brink of menopause. So don't let anyone tell you that "at your age" it is impossible. It is possible! It is difficult and takes a lot of determination but it is possible. If it were easy, everyone would be thin!

    Best of luck to you!

    Susan - that is practically my story! I agree 100% with you, I was on phen fen and didn't have any health problems, lost 100 but slowly gained it back over the last 10 years. i am also following Dr Fuhrman's way of eating and for sure, filling up on veggies, fruit and grains is working!!

    Last week i bought a fresh pineapple, and for some reason, i ate one big slice and it filled me up totally. not sure what's in pineapple, but it worked and i wasn't trying to suppress my appetite - it just happened.
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    The most natural thing I have found is simply fresh cherries. Eat like 30 of em and I dare you to be hungry afterwards! I forget what it is about them but the first time I heard about it was on an article in a newspaper about pills made from cherries and I figured I'd try the real thing and sure enough, it works. Have some cherries, some water, and you'll definitely delay the moment when you feel hungry.
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    I have to comment on the Chia Seeds. My 28 year old daughter tried the chia seeds and ended up in the ER. The abdominal pain was so severe they wanted to admit her. Seeds had lodged in the intestinal tracts creating painful diverticulitis. She had never had any issues with this before. While I realize this is not something that will happen to everyone, I think people need to be aware.

    As for some of the "self control" comments. If we all had the self control we need, most of us would not be here. Maybe it's me but I find some of those comments very condescending. We are all here for different reasons. Those of us who have weight issues, deal with enough out in the real world, we don't need it here. Let's try to be a supportive
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    Telling someone to use self control is a little self righteous.
    Haven't you studied Psyc. 101?