Question for outdoor runners

What do you use to keep yourself hydrated when running outside? Do you carry a water bottle, use a belt to hold a water bottle, use a Camelback hydration pack or something else? My friend and I have been considering running outside once it warms up a little more but I've been concerned about what to use for my water since there's no way in the world I'm running outside without my water.


  • scottb81
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    If you are running anything less than around 90 minutes you do not need to drink any water as long as you are hydrated beforehand. When I run longer than that around two hours I wear a hydration belt that holds 10 oz bottles.
  • LesliePierceRN
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    If you are running anything less than around 90 minutes you do not need to drink any water as long as you are hydrated beforehand. When I run longer than that around two hours I wear a hydration belt that holds 10 oz bottles.

    Exactly. Short runs (less than 8 or 9 miles) I don't bother. If it's longer, I'll drive the route beforehand and leave bottles for myself. I don't like anything extra when I run, let alone a belt full of water. But you've gotta get it somehow, just determine what works best for you.
  • tnrunningnurse
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    Depends on the length of the run and how hot it is. I don't typically carry any water for a run shorter than 5 Miles if I am hydrated. I carry a water bottle for a run 6-10 miles and I have a belt and a camelback for anything longer, I don't wear both at same time, I just have both of them and decide which one I want to use.
  • ctsmith
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    I don't run know but have in the past and I always used one of those sports bottles with a hole in the middle they are quite comfortable to carry and not that heavy.
  • fang19423
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    Like the others - I use a belt if I'm covering long distances but don't bother on the shorter ones. Happy running :wink:

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  • JulieG1443
    I always carry a bottle of water with me because even though I do not experience thirst when I run I sometimes can get a dry throat from hard breathing through my mouth which can leave me with a sore throat that lasts a few days - so really it's all down to your personal preferance.

    I would suggest first experimenting running with a water bottle and then decide whether on your next run you actually NEED it.
  • mummum2
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    I don't carry water for runs of less than 10miles, I make sure I'm fully hydrated before. But I guess if you need to have water than I would buy a water bottle with the cut out hand grip! Good luck, you'll love running with the elements!
  • roadrunner32
    For my long runs 5+ miles I'm using this one here and love it: run multi bottle belt/popular-brands/shop/fcp-product/24241
  • kirstypoos
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    When I first started C25K I had to take water with me and just carried a bottle (it's good for your arms!) however as I've got better I really don't need water on my runs any more
  • shadowkitty22
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    This is all very helpful information. I'm used to doing my walk/jogs/runs on the treadmill so I'm used to just having water on hand and not being properly hydrated before I run. For those of you who do hydrate before running, how much do you drink before hand and how soon before your run? Don't you ever have to pee while you're running? Or do you just sweat it all out?
  • Nikstergirl
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    I don't carry water if I'll be out less than an hour or so, but over that I have a Nathan brand belt that holds 4 7oz bottles and some sport beans or whatever else I need depending on how long I'll be out. I really like it and it balances the weight perfectly, and I also try to sip from each bottle instead of finishing one and moving on.

    Being hydrated before for me means I drink tons of water throughout the day, every day. I usually do my longer runs in the morning so I don't drink anything (just my quick breakfast) before that but drink plenty afterward. If I drink a huge glass of water right before I run I can get a tummy ache. Also I have to wait an hour or so after eating, longer if it's a big meal. Sometimes I have to use the potty, but I try to run in town so I can use the public restrooms or gas stations if needed. I ran my first half marathon last fall and didn't need the potty through the entire 13.1 miles, I was thrilled!!! Doesn't always happen, though, and it's all about playing with the balance and figuring out what works for your body!!!!

    Good luck! I love running outdoors, it's my favorite thing to do!!!
  • maserati185
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    So many factors, such as how hydrated you are to begin with, if you find camelbak verses belt verses holding a bottle in the hand most comfortable. Personally, I carry a sports bottle of water when I go out because it doesn't hurt me to, I usually plan on going more than 5 miles, it's cheap, fast, readily available and I get thirsty. :)
  • scottb81
    scottb81 Posts: 2,538 Member
    Normally I drink 12 to 16 cups of water to stay hydrated throughout the day. Sometimes in the summer it may be a little more.
  • rebecca_d35
    I hardly ever run longer than 5 miles, so I don't carry water. But on hot days, I plan my route so that I pass by a water fountain.

    This also works with public restrooms :) I live and run right by the U.S. Capitol, though, so fountains and bathrooms are easy to find.
  • alexandria412
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    I run in the city and always route my long runs past a bathroom and water fountain. Most grocery stores and big box stores work.
  • 3dogsrunning
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    Bumping for interest.
    I also don't use water unless they are longer runs. I havent' invested in a belt yet, so right now I put water bottles out before my run. I have been known to forget and end up texting my fiance during my run to drop one for me.
  • theginnyray
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    I use a water belt - it holds four small bottles and has plenty of room for phones/keys etc.
    I use it regardless of the distance - if I'm going four or 10, I take water with me.
  • CallmeSbo
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    My runs are usually 10km. I dont like carrying things when running. I take a few sips befor i run and drink lots of water when i get home after i finish.
  • iplayoutside19
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    Depends on weather, and where I'm running.

    If I'm going under an hour, I take nothing regardless of tempurature.

    Longer than that I've cached my water & gatorade along the route prior to running. Run where I know there are drinking fountains. Or I wear a Camelback.
  • Sweet_Pandora
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    I always bring and drink water on all of my runs.

    Shorter runs I wear a belt that holds a water bottle and runs longer than 10 km I wear my camelback.