Walk of Shame...I'm back after abandoning MFP for a few mont

I stopped visiting MFP a few months ago after having lost 15 pounds. I figured I could do it on my own, without logging calories or stopping by for support. Glad to be back =)


  • hapandleonard
    I did exactly the same thing :) I didn't think MFP was working because I didn't lose a single pound... largley because I wasn't honest with it! Now I'm back and I've lost my first 9 lb in 25 days, which I think is good going! I'm almost halfway to my target and I have no intention to stop. Good luck and keep it up!
  • nixirain
    nixirain Posts: 448 Member
    Welcome back!!
  • sometimes_blondie
    Welcome back! I'm in the same boat as you!
  • Breezedew
    Breezedew Posts: 134 Member
    I did the same thing! I started last summer, lost weight , then quit. I started again in December and am so so glad to be back.Glad you're back!
  • londanfudd4eva
    dont be ashamed i had left 4 a while also but at least we realize that this is good for us and we r back. lets jus stay motivated and keep moving towards our goals so we can post our pics WHEN we reach them