Anyone have a C25K podcast with 80'S hair band/metal music?

I have tried a few different versions, but find that I really get pumped and motivated by harder rock music, specifically.....80's Hair Bands.

Anyone have some suggestions for me? I've found NOTHING.


  • katiedid1226
    katiedid1226 Posts: 233 Member
    I found an app for the iphone/ipod that lets you use your own music, but the app provides prompts for you......COOL!
  • crazedcujo
    crazedcujo Posts: 114 Member
    I just use my own music with C25K - works pretty good.. I have on my ipod.. Iron Maiden, Cinderella, W.A.S.P., Scorpions, DIO, and Dokken - keeps me motivated big time!
  • Meggles63
    Meggles63 Posts: 916 Member
    What about pandora? I use the pandora workout station with my run double C25k application. Keeps me pumped. And I KNOW that there are 80's metal music stations on there.
  • AmyLRed
    AmyLRed Posts: 894 Member
    this thread title made me giggle! Totally my music too :)
    I am starting c25k this spring.