30DS completed - can you see a difference?

So, I have completed the 30ds (over about 35 days as I hurt my ankle during level 2). My weight didnt change at all (gained a few lbs at the start then dropped them). Although my measurements reduced a bit (about 3.5" all told) I can't see much of a difference.I'd really appreciate hearing what results other ladies of my size had (5'4" around 132lbs).
Thanks all!

p.s. (the before photsare on the left, after are on the right).


  • heyghoge
    heyghoge Posts: 153 Member
    congrats on seeing the workout through! i can definitely see a difference, especially in your hip/waist area just above the bikini bottoms. your backside looks more toned, too! thanks for posting - i'm on day 4 and have roughly your stats, so this helps me visualize about the results i should be looking forward to. :)
  • Alma_Sana
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    You look great! Your tummy looks more toned and you can totally tell your hips are smaller too. WTG!
  • You look great! Your body looks nice and toned and you can definitely see a difference. Keep up the great work, you're an inspiration to us all!
  • cask16
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    Thanks all - I appreciate the feedback. I definately feel better and I'm glad I did the 30 days but it's good to hear theres been a noticeable change too :)
  • creative1981
    creative1981 Posts: 182 Member
    You can absolutely see the difference! You look much more defined in the after photo's. Well done!
  • bslic
    bslic Posts: 245 Member
    I can definitely see a difference, especially in the back shot. Congrats!!!
  • lorna1002
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    So jealous of you right now....you look amazing. Well done for finishing the shred, i know it's hard i've done it. :smile:
  • sure can :) much more definition and sounds weird but your posture looks a lot better? haha not sure if that has to do with toning, confidence or just standing up a bit straighter the second time around lol
  • Congratulations.

    I can definately see a difference, your stomach area is more tones as are your hips and thighs. Your bum also looks more pert!
  • Dexy_
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    You butt & belly looks much more toned! Excellent work!
  • memega
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    Next time mark the spots (where you stand, camera/tripod, focus and time) for better comparisons.
  • you looked awesome before and awesome after

    ps you need a new ironing board cover lol
  • GymAnJuice
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    your waist goes in more, your butt is higher and slimmer thigh's. excellent work, well done
  • MrsBlobs
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    Your boobs have risen!!! I'm so gonna shred in a minute!
  • I certainly can see a difference! Your waist is heaps smaller and your thighs also look thinner too! Wish I looked as good! Thought you looked great in the before shot but REALLY look great in the after shots! Well done!
  • cask16
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    Thanks everyone - I'm still working on it AND I've replaced the ironing board cover too ;)
  • Jenjaz1910
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    You look fab hunni, tummy is more toned as are your hips and thighs! WTG!! I'm on day 8 level 2 it's hard going but seeing other peoples results I'm determind to keep at it!! X