What to do?

I have been on MFP just over a year and the weightloss has been ok but I have got stuck.

I had myself set at sendatary level as i do spend a fair amount of time sitting a computer but I do also spend a few hours on my feet so I logged my speed walking and cycling. And as I had 80+ lbs to loose set my goals at -2lb/week thinking that would be resonable.
I have come a long way almost half way to my intial goal but although I have push, pulled and tweaked nothing is working
I had lost and gained the same 5lbs since last september.

So having done some research and reading I discovered I was eating below my BMR - didn't realise that to start so I upped the calories to take that into account.
I have also purchased and use a fitbit and I do a heck of a lot more than I thought I did, its rare for me to go under 12000 steps a day on a normal week 13-16000 is becoming the norm, Since getting the fbit the only exercise I log is cycling as it doesn't register that very well, although its not a huge amount I do it every week day.

So I am trying to sort out if I am still under eating or am I now over-eating.
I except that where I get my calories is not always the best, but it is my life and I don't need the stress, once I have worked out the calories I will look at changing the quality of those cals in the future.

I have looked at 3 different websites and the average BMR from their figures = 1549 - as I understand it, I should be eating this as a minimum net calorie figure.
Across the same 3 sites I have worked out my TDEE average as 2350 - based on active (1.55) levels.

And reducing that by 15% to get my target net calorie goal of 1997

I am pretty good at drinking between 6-8 glasses of water, I do drink a fair amount of coffee as well but almost all is decaf.
I have always aimed in the past to eat back about 75% of my exercise cals but with the fitbit adjustments I try for 50-75%
in err of inaccuracies.
I feel better in myself than I did two months ago I kept falling asleep early evenings, but some nights I am starting to feel very hungry which I never did before.
I work full time, I commute into london every day with eldest daughter (5) and have another girl (3) as well as studying for the first half of a degree and also having to sort out my mum's estate as she passed away last year.
I know I have a fair amount on my plate, but is my maths wrong or am I missing something else.

I think it has been about 4-6 weeks of eating at a higher rate.



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    Bumping for feedback.....
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    Grab a buttefuinger! Oh, that just sounds dirty.
  • mdebbie1026
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    Sorry I am not much in the math department with all of this but I say hang in there and eventually the weight will start falling off again.

    Sorry to hear about your mum, I know that is a tough experience.

    CONGRATULATIONS! On your beautiful little girls. With inspiration like that you WILL make your goal.

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    What does the fitbit say is your daily calorie burn?
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    If you are eating according to you TDEE don't eat your exercise calories back (that is assuming you did the multiplier for active and not sedetary).