Not Your Usual Jersey Girl

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I've never seen an episode of Jersey Shore nor any of the Desperate Housewives of Wherever.

I'm a 53 year old Pagan/Buddhist/Agnostic woman, married and child-free currently living in Central New Jersey that enjoys the finer things in life. Interests include (but are not limited to) travel, museums, theatre, cosmology, organic gardening, animal advocacy, cooking, and NASCAR.

I am on a journey to lose another 80 pounds and could use as much support as possible from like-minded people.


  • maf66
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    I just don't know if we can be friends. I'm an Indy Car/CART fan... *wink wink* I'm also a bit snarky ;) But since I live in Central Ohio and not Central New Jersey, I figure we won't kill each other!

    Like you, I've never seen a version of Jersey Shore, so thats a plus. I'm friends with several Pagan/Buddhist/Agnostic folks and share some of those beliefs. I do not consider myself religious, but spiritual in nature. I FREAKIN love nature. I also share your other interests, mostly organic gardening (and eating), animal advocacy and cooking. I am intrigued by cosmology, but not great at either astrology or physics. But both of those things totally excite me!

    As to the finer things in life... well, I consider fresh, whole and healthy food a very fine thing. I'm poor, but happy :)

    Do you have any seeds started yet?

  • Marillian
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    Hi Marci! Snarky? Love it! I'm from Jersey, where we pump our fists, not our gas.... :laugh:

    No seeds in yet, still till cold here. But, my rosemary bush is thriving (it's inside), and my outdoor herb container (it's pretty huge) has parsley and thyme growing.

    I belong to a totally organic CSA where we can work the farm and help with the growing. It has nature trails in the woods which really give a sense of peace and solace. Not sure what I'll plant at home this year besides my herbs. I compost my three gardens and every year, I always get stray plants growing. Sometimes I don't know what it is because of the similarity of leaves. One year I had watermelons; the past couple years I had mini pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns.

    I forgot to add that one of my passions is home canning. I make and can organic jams, apple butter, applesauce, tomato sauce, as well as the bounty from the harvests from the CSA and garden. A few weeks ago, I canned approximately 60 quarts of various soups.

    What do you grow in your garden?