Book recommendations to get me focussed again?

I lost 16 kilos with the help of MFP in 2011, happy days!
I rejoined again this January, after I felt I was getting a little too flippant about my eating habits. Weirdly enough, it didn't do the trick like it did last year, in fact, this morning I weighed myself and I was up 3 kilos. :noway:

Gaining weight is not an option, I threw out all my bigger sized clothes. I reached my target, I have a healthy BMI, but I am seriously struggling to keep at it now. This morning's weigh-in was a big eye opener, I'm back logging again, but I feel I need something extra to fight my demons.
I had a quick look online and there's plenty of diet books. I'm not really interested in those though. I know how to lose weight. But I wonder if there is something that can make me see sense, that can help me kick my bad food habits for good. Would love to hear some recommentations.


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    Bump. No readers in the house? :laugh:
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    I was really motivated be Dean Karnaze, 50 Marathons in 50 Days. It is a great book. It is a good read even if you are not a runner. He knows how to motivate everyone. Good luck to you.
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    I'm a huge reader. But, of course, since you asked, I can't think of a thing. :/ So consider this a bump.
  • Any book by Tosco Reno. :) I love her. She is the queen of clean eating and her story is pretty fantastic.
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    I had 2 books recommended to me that I have been reading. The first is called The Dorm Room Diet by Daphne Oz. Although I do not live on a college campus, it does have some interesting information and helpful tips. The second book is called The Skinny Rules by Molly Morgan, RD, CDN. It has 101 "secrets" or rules to consider. It's not a diet, just has helpful tips. For example, what the 10 lowest-calorie vegetables are, a good way to go grocery shopping, easy substitutions to make while cooking to make food healthier, and plenty of other tips for fitness, food, cooking, travel, and eating out. I personally like The Skinny Rules better, but both have good information.
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    I've recently gotten into running and Karnazes' books are great. I think he's insane but I can't help loving his enthusiasm. While I'm not totally sold on everything he says, Michael Pollan's books (The Omnivore's Dilemma, In Defense of Food) will cause you to think more about what you eat and why, as will Schlosser's Fast Food Nation.
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    Thanks, that will give me a good start.

    I was also recommended "Run fat B*tch run", which sounds great. I started doing the couch to 5k. But I guess it's really some kind of "lightbulb" book that I'm looking for, to give me that final kick up the backside to ditch the sugar cravings, the self-sabotaging.
    You'd think that after losing the weight, that this all comes natural to me by now, but I'm still battling. :yawn:
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    Just placed an order: 'Eating Less: Say Goodbye to Overeating' by Gillian Riley.

    Reviews are good, so looking forward to it!