Do I need to adjust my weight loss goal?

Hi, was just wondering if anyone can give me some advice? I have my settings to lose 1 pound a week but thats all I have lost in two weeks but have heaps of calories left over each day, like between 500 and 800. I exercise every day but not excessively, just an hour walking and a few weights and floor exercises at home and of course that adds on more calories for me to eat and already struggling to eat the 1270 calories without anymore added on! My question is: Should I adjust my settings to lose more a week and then it will cut my calories down?


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    It certainly will
  • Oh great! Thanks for your help! I might make it 2 pounds then and see how I go!
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    It will cut your calories down if you change your settings, but to be honest you'd be better sticking with the current settings and eating all those calories MFP allocates you. I guarantee you no-one got overweight eating 1270 calories a day!

    MFP recommends shooting for a 1lb a week weight loss because it's sustainable - this isn't a short cut yo-yo diet solution. Besides, 1200 is the absolute minimum MFP will give you, so you won't be recommended much less anyhow. Also, you haven't got much to lose. This is one of the reasons your loss might be slower than others, and at that stage you're actually recommended to eat more, not less - you should really consider going down to 0.5lb a week.

    You've only been with MFP for two weeks, some people suddenly lose weight rapidly then slow down, for other people it takes a few weeks for the weight loss to kick in.

    Dipping below 1200 will mean you're not getting the range of macro and micro nutrients you need and you'll soon find you don't have the energy to do your workouts. I eat up to 3000 calories a day after I've added my exercise calories and I've lost 28lbs to date.

    Take the chance now to take your measurements and a "before" photo - getting fit and healthy shows in more important ways than on the scales!

    Good luck :flowerforyou:
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    If you are already only allocated 1270 cals, and you are under calories anyway, going to 2 lbs a week loss will make no difference as the lowest MFP will let you go is 1200 cals a day. I suggest you are probably overestimating your exercise calories.

    I had it set to 1 lb a week for 4 months and on average lost 0.6 lbs. It's not an exact science, and the less you eat the less you fidget and other things, so you burn less too. I would stick with what you are doing, maybe check your calories burned on a HRM.
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    Actually a one pound weight loss per week is the best setting and eat all the calories it gives you. It doesn't necessarily mean you will lose that much but it's a safer range to be at. I see your age on your profile, I'm 46 and I tell you, is is way tougher now to lose weight then it ever was when I was younger. Not only that but its not a consistent weight loss meaning some weeks I lose a few oz's, some weeks i gain and some weeks I lose a few lbs but at the end of the month I am still going down so don't get too frustrated (easy to do i know). Be sure to eat your calories in healthy foods and try to balance out your carbs and protein so they match as closely as possible. Too many carbs, too little protein usually means a stall in weight loss plus protein keeps you full longer. Add some healthy fats as well and drink tons of water. Push yourself in exercise to create more of a calories deficit.and be patient. If you are looking for a friend, please feel free to add me.
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    If you are already only allocated 1270 cals, and you are under calories anyway, going to 2 lbs a week loss will make no difference as the lowest MFP will let you go is 1200 cals a day. I suggest you are probably overestimating your exercise calories.

    This came to my mind as a possibility. Also, use a food scale if you aren't already, so that your food measurements are as accurate as possible. Underestimating calories consumed is not good either.

    I tried the 2lbs per week setting initially, and it was definitely too much of calorie cut to work for me. I lost more weight when moving to a 1lb loss per week.
  • Thanks everyone! Lots of food for thought! Excuse the pun! I didnt realise that mfp would only let you drop to 1200. I do exercise with a Polar FT4 so hoping it tracking my calories right! I also have a pedometer I wear too, mainly to count steps and distance but the calories on that are way under the hrm! My fitness trainer told me to eat more too and so I added more protein shakes to the mix. I can manage my calories to the set amount then, but not the extra ones that exercise adds on and dont want to stop exercising! I never was a big eater as really struggled over the years to have money for food and alway fed my two girls before myself, but then when I got married a second time, I sort of went overboard on wrong sorts of food as couldnt afford them before! Hence why Im trying to lose weight now!
  • Thanks everyone, you have given me lots of great information to work with! I do know I dont drink enough water but have Menieres Disease which makes it a bit hard as drinking too much makes my ears ache and I get dizzy and then I cant exercise. A bit of viscious circle really!