I watch my cholesterol because my birth parents must have a history of bad cholesterol and I am ganing that. I went to the doctor and she said that one of my cholesterol levels is okay, but the “bad” is still high.

What do you eat to help with your Cholesterol?


  • YogaRunner
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    My husband no longer needs meds for his cholesterol since drinking Shakeology. That is priceless.
  • adaplas
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    Food rich in fiber (whole grains, whole fruit, legumes, vegetables). Fat restriction is not as important, but cut down on food rich in cholesterol and trans-fat (hydrogenated fat, margarine, cookies, cakes, crackers). You may increase monounsaturated fat intake (olive oi, canola oil, nuts).
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    but cut down on food rich in cholesterol

    That foods rich in cholesterol cause blood cholesterol has been exposed, many times over, as a complete myth.
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    I eat a lot of fat. (I actually cycle it: lean protein + starchy carbs post work out, fatty stuff +low carb veggies whenever else) and yes, I lowered my bad levels and raised my good ones!

    INFLAMMATION is the main cause of build up. So that's why I stay away from inflammatory grain, rancid vegetable oils, sugar, and artificial sweetners, etc.