NSV parkrun

Tiggermummy Posts: 312 Member
completed my 7th parkrun today and got a new pb 38:30 down 2 minutes 55 seconds from 41:25!!!

and it was also nice to not finish last! as a power walker not a runner, I know I'll never finish that close to the front,but
any day I am not last makes me feel good.

Think it might take me a while to beat this new one!

and a slighlty ammusing side note: I have been wearing running trousers as it got too cold to run in shorts, and after I finished I needed to go pick up a few things so I went straight from parkrun to the high street. The weather was quite nice and fresh and a little sunny so I kept getting odd reflections in the shop windows........ took me at least four shops to realise the leg reflections I was admiring were my own!!!!!



  • fiftypds
    fiftypds Posts: 11 Member
  • GMC_81
    GMC_81 Posts: 193 Member
    Congratulations on smashing your PB, love the self leg envy, very motivating.
    Good luck for your next parkrun :)
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