Shin splints!!!

I'm training for the marathon (only 6 weeks to go!) and have started to get pains in my shin - just my right shin. I've tried to rest it for a few days, just doing low impact exercise like cross training and swimming, but it doesnt seem to go away! I'm a bit worried that i'll damage it further if I run on it now.

Any tips on how I can make it better? Am I just not stretching it properly?! I need to get back out there!

Thanks x


  • Smuterella
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    Ouch! I've got these just from walking miles over the weekend so I can't imagine how painful yours must be. I would say you need to properly rest it - take a day or two off completely, ice it at nights and buy some decent compression leggings.
  • Secret_Agent_007
    They say the first thing to check is your shoes. Getting fitted for running shoes can be important depending on how you run and worn out shoes can definately affect your shins. Unfortunately, resting them might be one of the only ways to repair the damage.
  • rachaelclark2
    Thanks guys. The shoes are good, tested them in the marathon shop and everything, but maybe as its just in one leg I need an instep or something, I'm going back this weekend to ask.

    Will also give the compression tights a go! But hink you're right and only time and rest will cure it.

    Thanks for your advice!
  • Smuterella
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    I have to say, I did a little experiment on myself the other night and gave one shin and really good deep massage. It helped loads. I now have one pain free shin and one very sore one though. :-)
  • coraliethomas
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    I got those when I played field hockey in high school... all I could do was ice it and compress it... no workout of any sort for a day or 2 at least...

    Good luck, I hope it gets better!
  • lilyjay_
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    I find compression leg sleeves really helpful for shin slints & calf muscles... I just have the sleeves at the top of this page:

    ... in neon pink!

    They definitely do the trick for me, but then I don't run nearly as far or long as you at the moment!
  • AlsDonkBoxSquat
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    Rest it for a few day, and ice. the last time i got them was from running on a treadmill and i was out for 6 months, good luck. If you have access to an elliptical, it's not the same but will keep you moving without the impact.
  • knowkeys
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    I suffered from these when 1st running and still do occasionaly when I extend my stride beyond my normal range.
    Best thing is to try and rest, which must be difficult with six weeks to go.

    I find that sitting with a straight leg (unsupported calf), point your toes away from your leg and stretch slowly and hold. Release and repeat. Follow this by pointing toes upwards, this will stretch calf muscle. Hold, release and repeat.

    This should "stretch" the muscle/tendon on the shin and allow the inflamation to go down slowly.

    Repeat this 3 - 4 times during the day.

    It will be sore but should provide some relief.

    Hope this helps and good luck with your run.
  • allready_gone
    Zensah makes a great compression sleeve and they are great for your situation. Ice, compression and try massaging your calf muscles. I had what I thought were shin splints not long ago and it turned out to be my calf muscles refusing to relax. Once I massaged them the pain in my shins went away. Also, google stress fractures and do a couple of the simple at home tests they'll give you to rule that out. Just to make sure. I had one and never even knew I had shin splints. Better safe than sorry, trust me (3 months in a boot)
  • knay112
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    There is an exercise for it; but it takes time to strengthen;

    Whenever you can -- doing dishes, waiting for the copy machine -- whatever; do the following

    Walk (in place or not) on your TIP TOES, then, walk the same amount of time or steps on your HEELS.
    Then, walk on the OUTSIDE of your feet and again the same number of steps or time on the INSIDE.

    Repeat when ever you can. It will make your legs stronger and your shins will stop hurting.
  • CMD76
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    I've found some good insoles and compression socks have really helped mine. I use the compression socks during a run and for a few hours afterwards and not really had a problem since. My specific insoles are the Sorbothane Shock Stopper Double Strike Insoles and socks are Nike Elite Running Compression Knee High Socks. Both are great but one or the other may be enough for you. :)